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1). A translator system. Used to communicate of understand other languages.

Automatically doing useless foreign language homework for many kids across the world. All you have to do is type a paragraph of your own language.
Booby: Dude, I used google translate for my french homework and got an A+!!

Kipsy: Nice man, I'm gonna do it.
by seventeenpandasonthestairs January 23, 2011
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The default translator for all foreign language classes' homework assignments.
Mike: Dude, how did you know how to say that so perfectly in your Spanish essay?
Derek: I just used Google Translate.
by ante_fehj_ September 17, 2013
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a) A translating site where you can translate any language to another language
b) The savior of my french projects and why i'm doing so well in french
a) I use google translate for finding out more about Chinese
b) Whoa i got an 80 on my French project. Thanks google translate!
by Sir Robin the not so brave November 12, 2013
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Can be used for homework or finding out languages but repetitively typing two letters then a space exampl qw ) will get you some creepy ass shit
Mike: Google translate is odd dude

Joe: I know right
by A unknown user April 22, 2018
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To ask for for identification for a mumbled sentence or a clearer definition of what is being said to you.
(1) Melissa: So you know when a box is a circle, and a circle is a triangle?

Abby: Google translate?


(2) Jordon: *grumble grumble grumble*

John: Google translate?

Jordon: I hate my life.
by SloshedLaLadies May 09, 2011
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A “Translator” that is never accurate
Me: “Hey google how do you say milk in japanese”


Me: “You fucking garbage Google Translate I asure you thats not how you say milk”
by YUNG DEUS VULT October 20, 2018
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