A pleb is a commoner or someone from middle class that is typically despised or hated and gets jumped and beat up on a regular basis by people who aren't plebs.
Guy1:"That Aven is such a hufe fucking pleb."

Guy2: "yeah I think we should go kick hiss ass."

Guy1: "Yeah lets go kick the shit out of him."
by Timothy_Green February 12, 2015
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Person Lacking Everyday Basic skills.
Andy didn't know how to use the toaster because he is a fucking pleb.
by PUREbizzle January 06, 2015
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MinecraftBeats. A little nigerian boy, naked, running from the cops after he ddosed Dora the Explorer's Crew.
That little Pleb!
by Alex. G November 11, 2014
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Short for plebeian. Someone with very basic, boring, or generic taste. They have no interest in the artistic value of things.
Somebody who probably has a penis, but probably not a big one.

Somebody who you just think shut the fuck up every time they speak.
"Hey have you ever seen a westhamunitedfc.news instagram post?"
"Lol who's that? He's got a weird name. My favorite instagram accounts don't get deleted. Also, wtf happened to Xololt? He was doing cool fifa streams and then he, like, started playing LoL instead."
"Wow, you're such a pleb."
by Egyptian Sudain December 07, 2019
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A poor black nigger that’s very unpleasant to the eyes ( should be said by black people unless it’s like saying nigger when your white)
He’s such a pleb

Look at that pleb on the street
by PxpiJ February 15, 2018
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what league players are known for when they die a lot in League of Legends
Wow he died 5 times? What a pleb.
by GraaMeee June 16, 2015
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