men who get with multiple women for the sole purpose of sex.
They often pretend to care about the girl and feel no shame when they take someone's heart and just shatter it.
"Players only love you when they're playing games"
by Eezy breezy April 25, 2008
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Somebody that's been consistently full of shit for so long that they themselves have mistaken it for charm.
I'm not very good at coming up with examples right off the top of my head, so I will never be a player.
by swerdnaD1&only October 27, 2013
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1:A guy who treats women like objects
A guy that dates a hoe for a week before moving on to the next.
Girl 1: so how was your date

Girl 2: horrible

Girl 1: omg why?
Girl 2: I got played by the player
by LittleLaurie April 24, 2020
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a guy who uses girl,tells them lies and makes them fall in love with them,but really doesn't love them at all and is dating a different girl cheating on them,and making fun of her to his friends then when the "relationship" ends he makes fun of her and embarrasses her about the whole thing
john:man i can't believe how rodney used lidia like that mike:yea he's a player now everytime i see her shes crying
by sexy chick;) August 18, 2010
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A male who seduces women by pretending he is a sweet caring and charming gentleman then once he has them under his control he rolls onto the next woman and does the same to her but no matter how much he hurts his women they still seem to cling onto him and let him play them
"That guys got like 5 girlfriends man what a player"

"Yeah he is a player he made out that he really liked Cindy and they where going somehwere together until Cindy found out he was also seeing Jenny he such a player that prick"

"That guys so hot pity he's a player"
by Harry69 October 28, 2009
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A guy that pretends to like a girl for some action, and then once he gets the girl to like him he ignores her now that he got what he wants. A player is also a guy that is an ignorant asshole!
"omg Andy N is such a player, he wanted to hookup with me and once we did he just stopped talking to me and moved on to the next girl!"
by abcaaabbbccc April 06, 2008
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A guy that is easiest to fall for, hardest to forget.
I fell in love with a player, he broke my heart... but yet, I still can't forget him.
by Lisha and Beka January 29, 2008
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