to do something with the intent to destroy & or to the point in which you obtain maximum pleasure.
yo that bitch is hot, I would hit it "dumb ways"
did you see that fight? yo this dude was swinging on him "dumb ways"
by TonyWing September 13, 2009
when your swag is off the meter
my out fit look so fresh on me its da dumb way

this word originated from jigga city > baton rouge la not ATL SWAGG JOCKERS
by NIKEGIRL87 March 17, 2009
Originally started as an australian music video that shows cartoon characters dying in a humorous and ridiculous way and was used as a message to be safe around trains. Later on a game app was released where the player has to save the characters from losing their lives in a collection of mini games based on the video, games include swatting wasps and properly putting mustard on a hot dog.
P1: Did you play Dumb Ways to Die?

P2: Yes I have and its hilarious

P1: I will totally stay safe around trains now that I have seen the music video and played the game.
by Cerebrate 1138 October 31, 2014
a show with a bunch of stupid beans trying to do very, very idiotic things to kill themselves
did u c numskull takin' off her helmet in outer spaces in dumb ways to die?
by RedIsSoSus November 20, 2022