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to do something with the intent to destroy & or to the point in which you obtain maximum pleasure.
yo that bitch is hot, I would hit it "dumb ways"
did you see that fight? yo this dude was swinging on him "dumb ways"
by TonyWing September 12, 2009
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when your swag is off the meter
my out fit look so fresh on me its da dumb way

this word originated from jigga city > baton rouge la not ATL SWAGG JOCKERS
by NIKEGIRL87 March 17, 2009
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Dumbway is a word that Baltimore people use that came from the rapper Young Moose
Yo wyd later dumbway

Da dumbway ya heard me
Yeah dumbway
by maddiekay56 March 02, 2018
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Dumbway is basically referring to downtown Florida🤙🏽
Guy : oh u from West Palm (Florida) ,Which part
Guy #2 : I stay downtown, dumbway shit 🤙🏽😬
by OfficialRissy June 13, 2018
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