to do something with the intent to destroy & or to the point in which you obtain maximum pleasure.
yo that bitch is hot, I would hit it "dumb ways"
did you see that fight? yo this dude was swinging on him "dumb ways"
by TonyWing September 13, 2009
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when your swag is off the meter
my out fit look so fresh on me its da dumb way

this word originated from jigga city > baton rouge la not ATL SWAGG JOCKERS
by NIKEGIRL87 March 17, 2009
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Originally started as an australian music video that shows cartoon characters dying in a humorous and ridiculous way and was used as a message to be safe around trains. Later on a game app was released where the player has to save the characters from losing their lives in a collection of mini games based on the video, games include swatting wasps and properly putting mustard on a hot dog.
P1: Did you play Dumb Ways to Die?

P2: Yes I have and its hilarious

P1: I will totally stay safe around trains now that I have seen the music video and played the game.
by Cerebrate 1138 October 31, 2014
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a show with a bunch of stupid beans trying to do very, very idiotic things to kill themselves
did u c numskull takin' off her helmet in outer spaces in dumb ways to die?
by RedIsSoSus November 20, 2022
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A song and video game that was meant to teach people about train safety, but ended up becoming a trend. In the video, it shows multiple beans dying a different way.
Numpty sets his hair on fire
Hapless poked a stick at a grizzly bear
Pillock took expired medicine
Dippy used his private parts as piranha bait
Dummkopf took his toast out with a fork and then burned to death
Dimwit did his own electrical work
Stupe taught himself how to fly
Lax ate a two-week-old unrefrigerated pie and got sick
Clod the psycho killer was invited inside
Doomed scratched a drug dealer's brand new ride
Numskull took off her helmet in outer space
Bungle used a clothes dryer as a hiding place
Mishap kept a rattlesnake as a pet
Dunce sold both of his kidneys on the internet
Calamity ate a tube of superglue
Ninny pressed a red button
Botch dressed up as a moose during hunting season
Doofus disturbed a nest of wasps for no good reason
Stumble stood at the edge of a train station platform
Bonehead drove around the boom gates at a level crossing
And finally, Putz ran across the tracks between the platforms.
Me: I created a whole new version of Dumb Ways to Die by Tangerine Kitty!
My friends: Cool! We would love to see it!
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