refers to a person who can get anything, do anything, but cant commit to something.
Hugh Hefner (he only says he is married so you think this ultimate player is not one)
by AKANotThatGuy August 05, 2011
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A cheating guy. Characteristics?
1. great at making girls fall for him; also at breaking hearts.
2. Moves from girl to girl
3. is never 100% faithful.
4. once a player always a player
5. talks to other girls while saying hes 'in love' with you and tells them the same thing
6. never know when to stop and cant realize whta they have
7. Usually attractive but dont let the pretty face fool you, hes ugly inside.
8. he will NEVER learn don't listen to him when he tries to get you back in his 'collection'
9. No matter how he looks at you orwhat he says or anything else says, you aren't any different from the dozens or other girls hes talked to.
10. he probably will not ackowledge you in person but will make up anexcuse for it later through text
If love isn't a game why are there so many Players (s)?
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
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N. Plural form of the word player. See also playa.
1. A group of people, usually guys, who "play" or manipulate others to ultimately get what they want, like sex or money, by using charm, game, and a often, a lot of lies. Usually, they act cool, cocky and think they're "all that" -- God's gift to the earth. However, underneath the game of all players, you will find an insecure person who depends on his player image to build his ego and make himself and others think he's the shit. Players need to feel worshipped. Male players usually call their women some term that reduces them to sex objects, like baby doll.
Watch out for those players who are on those dating websites. They pose like they're the shit and that anyone would be lucky to date them. They're not all that, those damn players! Let's play those players, girlfriends!
by sweetgirl29 February 19, 2008
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Short for "poon slayer", a person who manipulates girls and hunts for their vagina.
"Holy shit that dude just fucking slayed that poon like an absolute player!"
by therealinspector February 28, 2014
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Someone who pretends to care when they don't are only in it for sexual pleasures. Which is disgusting and animalistic.
Let me tell you what a player is. It is someone that sits next to a girl everyday for three months and flirts with her (BTW, this girl has never been in a relationship before). On Valentine's day she sees him sitting next to a girl and when he sees her and sits away from that girl (she was his girlfriend.) The next day in class he tells her that he rejected a girl and has an ex making her think that he single (when he isn't). After that she starts receiving mixed signals from him and asks him if they are more than just friends or just friends. However she is confused because she has never been in a relationship before and for her a relationship is getting to know the person better (not being physical). Long story short he leaves her without even saying goodbye because she didn't want to be physical. Because he hurt her this same girl went through emotional and mental illnesses and had a narrow escape. "The wounds will heal but the scars will never fade." I am that girl and what he did to me was a sin. However I strongly believe in karma and I hope what comes around goes around for him.
by Emotionallyscarred January 25, 2014
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Listless, fiendish, mercenary scumbags that have no sense of reality. Usually males. They ruin other people's lives just because they can, and probably would not be in existence if people would stop allowing themselves to be used by these scumbags. They only crave sex and money from others, and never had the need to make friends because they're just TOO DAMN SPECIAL!
I just dated a player. I gave him 20,000 dollars after he told me that he needed to go to school. He constantly forced/coerced me into having sex with him all the time in order to get any attention. He squandered the 20,000 right in front of my face, and never went to school. He recently moved and blocked my number, and I've heard that he is now wanted for fleeing the state while on probation. Phew! I'm glad I'm out of that 'relationship'!
by Fyulp June 29, 2016
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A “Player” is a Modern Name for a “Play Boy.”

They are basically the same Type of Character.

Players & Play Boys will Do and Say Anything to Have Sex with as Many Women as possible.

They have No Ethics or Integrity and are usually Sociopaths (they Socially Prey on people).

They make Terrible Spouses, Lovers or Friends, because they will Always Fuck You Over in the End.

+One of the greatest tragedies of a Playboy/Player is that they fail to understand One of the “Higher Truths” in life... THAT TRUTH IS THAT ‘TRUE LOVE’ IS THE BEST AND MOST SATISFYING THING IN LIFE.”

Players Reduce Sex only to a Game and Temporarily Pleasure like Eating A Fast Food Cheeseburger. To be “Ultimately” Happy in life, one must have Sex combined with Love in a loyal, One to One, existence.

By Failing to see this reality, Most Players/Playboys have Sex with one person after the other in an Endless Cycle of Pursuit, Sex, Pursuit, Sex, etc., which ENDS only in a Unsatisfying Spent Life of Loneliness and Being Despised By All They Have Betrayed.
"Watch out for your friend Frank, he will try to bed your wife, while sleeping with your sister, while trying to bed your mom and daughter.
He is one mean Player..."
by Ian De La Rosa November 05, 2013
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