that little pussy whipped bitch thinks he's a player... he's really just playin himself
by autonomous won April 06, 2003
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Some ass-hole that thinks there gods gift who charms you to then messes up your head, stamps all over your hart then will make you cry a river without giving a shit!!!!
You have two girlfriends man your a player
by B.Berryz January 31, 2015
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A guy or girl who dates many people either at the same time or in a row dumping them periotically and dating someone else within a day or two. The person would be getting a lot of Game.
Hayden is such a player, he dated Aubrey then dumped her three weeks later for Kassie, then he broke up with her for you. Uou guys won't last a week. Said Jessica's concerned friend.
by Playersgirl(Hayden)2 May 24, 2007
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guy who is sustaining supposedly exclusive relationships with multiple girls simultaneously
that guy is a player.
by bob and alpha mu December 19, 1999
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Gerneral term for any guy that thinks he's the shit, but really isn't. Will typically date sweet, beautiful, nice girls, then break up with them in dumb ways for dumb reasons. A player will ususally do such things as using crummy lines to try and get in a girls pants, tell a girl he's in love with her only two weeks after they started dating. Also may ask questions such as "How do you feel about making out" two minutes before breaking up with a girl via text message. After breaking up with the said ah-mazing girl, he will proceed to strut around the school like some kind of "womenizer" completely unaware of the fact that, in reality, everyone hates them.

In the end, the player must be played. Please see, "Dupe"
Ahmazing girl number one: Omgg, I just got played by this total player, but no worries, he'll get his.
Ahmazing girl number two: How? What are you gonna do?
Ahmazing girl number one: I'm planning a major dupe. It's time to play the player.
by Kristal Conrad #2 March 31, 2009
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An incredibly selfish insensitive boy who thinks he can have a girlfriend but at the same time meet up with another girl, tell her that he likes her, kisses her and even tries to finger her. He then breaks up with his girlfriend and goes out with a completely different person (not the girl he kissed) 1 day after. Yes, I am the girl who he kissed.. I fell for him and he has hurt me so bad. He is one fucking prick and he won't even apologise. He just wanted to try and get into my pants.
He's going out with someone else when he already has a girlfriend? OMG fucking player
by iloveguyhaters December 15, 2010
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A guy who pretends to care what comes out of your mouth, but really only cares about what goes into it.
Wow, I thought that guy was my true love, but after we had se x he left me...what a player.
by Allahcide January 12, 2010
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