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She’s such a fucking amazing girl. A girl named Gisselle is beautiful and wild. She’ll have guys head over heels for her. She has some bitches hating on her but that’s only because they’re jealous of her. When bitches don’t like her she won’t give a fuck. A girl named Gisselle is hella funny and relatable for many people. She’s soooo not perfect because perfect is fake but all we should know is that she’s 110% real. She’ll get into trouble if she has to she’s loyal as fuckkk. People can go up to her and ask for advice since she’s really good st helping people (like a therapist) and whenever she needs help on her own she keeps her problems to herself because she don’t need anyone solving them for her. A girl named Gisselle is what a guy should be thankful for :)
-“bruh that’s Gisselle she’s fucking fine
“Ur right but not only if she fine she has one hell of a personality🤤”
by Idonttellliesssss September 24, 2018
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Originating from the Goddess of Beauty, "Gisselle" refers to an extremely beautiful woman.
"Shall I compare Gisselle to a bright summer's day?"
by ayooooooooo October 19, 2014
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An amazing girl who is loved by almost everyone.
she likes to flirt, and can be trusted alot.
she's a one of a kind person.
every guy would be lucky to have her.
she's truly amazing.
and doesnt have that many cons.
guy: Wow, that girl looks beautiful and amazing.

guy2: Yea, she's a gisselle.
by Gforever January 02, 2012
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gisselle is soo sweet,nice,kind,butiful and has a lot of nice friends and mostly everyone likes her she always gets them guys and is born on July,8 and has brown hair and big brown eyes and is tall like 5.0 and likes to dance and go dress up like a jock and a girly girl and is usally.
friend:hey look there's a cute boy
Gisselle:you don't need boys your perfect the way you are
by vanessa231 February 17, 2017
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Usually latin medium height very tanned beautiful big brown eyes big boobs and ass girls are very jealous of her all the boys love her she is one of those "stop and stare" girls comes off as a bitch but has an amazing personality down to earth is a flirt but has her eyes set on a very special guy amazing sense of style tends to get herself in a lot of trouble..girls like her are rare to find she is like an extinct species
Girls "Oh, look theres that hoe Gisselle ugh"
Boys " Yo guy look theres Gisselle i wonder if she'd ever go for me shes dime "
by unknownnameunknownnumber June 20, 2011
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Cannot be defined by words.
"Look up my name on Urban Dictionary."
"Gisselle is not yet defined."
"That's because I'm so great you can't describe me with words."
by Celestexily January 12, 2009
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