Roblox sex, V, This is the term used when 12 year-olds finaly lose a roblox charactors virginity and bust thier first Nut and clap some ass and eat the roblox pussy
kid: Omg my roblox gf wana bang
(Roblox Sex begins)
other kid: OMG YES cool
Kid: -resumes to grab pp-
Other kid: Whoa
Roblox GF: Strips and Begins to twerk on the kids roblox torso
Kid: -Begins to jerk-
mom: -beats kid- BAD
Other Kid: -runs away-
by Robloxgaymer69 May 29, 2019
when little kids are to ugly to get a mans or girls in real life so they go onto roblox and oof ;) or, when u is orny and u wanna oof in roblox
boyfriend: *ties girl onto bed and sticks pp in her*
girlfriend: *moons and comes*
boyfriend: *shoves pp in her as deep as can go*
girlfriend: “H-harder~”

kid: whats roblox sex?
mom: its when people do the nasty in a online game
by moomoose6969 March 20, 2020
When horny little kids go to ROBLOX Sex places and record it on youtube for some reason.
Christina: OMG! David uploaded that Roblox sex video on youtube with me! I'm sooo horny after watching that. It made me cum!


David *on pornhub*: *jerks off* UHH UHH THIS MADE MY PP HARD I THINK I HAD A BONER AAAA
Mother *walks in*: Daavid! What are you doing on that site? It is gross of you to go on here! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A YEAR!
by fard and shid June 16, 2019
When you get fucked so hard that each time you take a step afterwards you make the roblox death noise.
Girlfriend- Why do you keep making that noise?
Me- Its a hard case of roblox sex
Girlfriend- Do me
by Robloxian420 April 24, 2017
roblox sex dungeon
Any means of exit are unknown, subjects known to escape wish to remain anonymous due to intense paranoia and trauma.
one usually wakes up in such a place after a nut induced coma caused by excessive amounts of hornyness, mtn dew, cheetos and an old pizza slice under one's seat.
initial symptoms of exposure to its environment are: confusion, constant woods with immediate need of chopping, intense sweating, instantaneous need of new trousers, arrhythmia and, massive weight loss (as to not destroy the facility with the average individual who most likely enters' weight), and possibly death.
founded in 4/3/2021
It is said it's located under someone's basement, under, not in, nicknamed "Maggie" no more information is available at this time, if I were to leak more information I would get my entrails eaten by wild monkeys.
They took my family.
The original owner of the apartment complex being used for the facility is currently being held hostage in Kazakhstan, awaiting for his organs to be harvested.
Person 1: roblox sex dungeon
Person 2: roblox sex dungeon
Person 3: sex is not real, wake up, there are better things.

Person 1 and 2 then proceed to maul Person 3
by null301 May 2, 2022