3 definitions by Orsina

A gamer who plays titanfall 2. Be aware of these individuals they identify each other by calling one another "pilots". If a non pilot is in the vicinity, the titanfall 2 player will attempt to convince the person to try titanfall 2. If all else fails, this "pilot" will attempt to abduct and force the individual to play Titanfall 2
(Random person) Who's that over there?

(Random person 2) oh thats a Titanfall 2 player i'd steer clear if i were you
by Orsina May 21, 2021
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Le fishe repacks is a game repacker based on discord. What would he be? Why did you click this?
-Is Le Fishe Repacks any good?
-Eh he does get some stuff more compressed than masquerade but is a bit slow idk
by Orsina May 27, 2021
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Someone playing the Ronin titan in titanfall 2. He will run up to your face screaming "i have the power of god and anime on my side" and will wreck the living shit out of you with a sword. Probably has a fumo collection too
Goddamn those dirty no gooders Ronin mains always ruining all the fun with their bigass sword
by Orsina April 30, 2021
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