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adj. Abstract, minimalist. From the poet of the same name.

Credit: Robin Grasby via Mocoloco
Ikea furniture: veehee. Louis Catorze, not so much
by jevanyn October 15, 2009
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an urge or compulsion to play FarmVille or other game with a farming game mechanic.

Can also refer to someone who is addicted to farming games.
Abel: I need to get into Plants vs. Zombies and water my plants.
Baker: Nice farmer jones you have there.
by jevanyn April 26, 2011
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To forget hearing something, usually disgusting, offensive, disturbing, or just plain fucked up.
Thank you for sharing all the gory details. I can now never unhear any of it.
by jevanyn October 19, 2009
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when you take so many drugs, nothing can kill you
Dude 1: The drummer is teh awesome!
Dude 2: Doesn't he date back to the 70's, how old is he now?
Dude 1: He's on the Keith Richards diet plan. He does so much coke he's actually been dead for 10 years but his body is still drumming.
by jevanyn November 14, 2011
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adjective: tending to express one's point of view, esp. political, when it is not desired or appropriate.
Honey, I know you got into an argument about gay marriage the last time we had dinner with the Hendersons. I'd appreciate it if you weren't so assholitical this evening, mkay?
by jevanyn August 28, 2009
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Activist/environmentalist, specifically who acts against whale hunting. From "tree hugger", but for whales.
Blubber huggers stop a whale hunt, details at eleven!
by jevanyn February 17, 2011
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Area around a police cruiser where everyone behaves like a little angel. Unrelated to the computer game of the same name.
Passenger: Dude, why is everyone going so slow?
Driver: There's a five-oh up there, we're stuck in the halo zone.
by jevanyn June 2, 2009
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