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"Why's facebook chat not working?"

"They're fixing yet another security hole."

"Evilfacebook strikes again!"
by jevanyn May 5, 2010
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n. (1980's USA) Someone who bounces from clique to clique.

Unlike a social climber, whose intent is usually to work one's way "up" a social pecking order, a social frog is just trying to have as much fun as possible without getting attached to the cliques they jump into.

Differs from a social butterfly in that the social frog is less likely to be welcome.
I used to think Fred was cool b/c he was partying every Saturday night, until I realized he was just a social frog who didn't have any real friends.
by jevanyn August 31, 2009
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When somebody on your block has the same exact car as you, including paint color
I thought somebody had stolen my car and parked it up the block, but it was a sister car
by jevanyn July 5, 2018
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Unable to communicate anything other than memes.
Memetard: In Soviet Russia, cheezburger wants you!
Response: Don't be such a memetard.
by jevanyn August 6, 2009
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To "go mcchrystal" is to openly mock your boss, boss' boss, or other superior, usually resulting in demotion, firing, or "spending more time with my family".
Office drone 1: What happened to Bob, his cubicle is cleared out.

Office drone 2: He got drunk at the office party and went all mcchrystal, started making fun of the VPs, and they were in the room when it happened.
by jevanyn June 23, 2010
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A synonym for computer hacking. A portmanteau of "ninja" and "ingenuity". The opposite of percussive maintenance.
From the XKCD blag: Over the next few days, we try pinning packages back to the Hardy version and downgrading. There are conflicts all over and lots of ninjinuity is required.
by jevanyn May 1, 2009
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Refers to the may hangers-on of LeBron James. Also apparently the title of a regular segment on SportsCenter
After months of speculation, all we've learned is that someone in the LeBrontourage loves to screw with sports reporters.
by jevanyn July 1, 2010
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