a sarcastic sound usually made when someone is laughing , but its not actually funny .
James ( known to be a fuckboy) - You tryna go to the movies a lil later ?
Makenzie - Tuh ! Hell noo , boy bye !
by coolkidjaz May 15, 2018
a sound made when when displeased but not surprised by a situation. preceeded by a large inhale then spoken in a slow quiet fasion whilst exhaling.
dude, did you pay the cable bill

no, I spent our money on coke and whores

by chops March 23, 2005
The written equivalent of a short burst of laughter, usually in response to someone or something.
Mattie: I pretend to watch Roseanne.
Mark: Tuh!
by Kyle Ripman June 6, 2004
an exclamation expressing agreement, excitement, or factuality derived from the way one would say “periodt
Some people really don’t know how to act.”
by butwhatifitolduihadlice December 20, 2019
no real def its a space filler whan you're getting smart as if to say "now what?"
tuh bitch bet you won't hit me!
by Jasmine K. July 30, 2005
1.how to 2.to 3.two
i told u tuh break up with her , i m two
by brittany December 1, 2003
Prenouce by saying Cha fast

A sarcastic remark when someone say something idiotic
Kid 1 "is players unknown battlegrounds a one player game
Older kid (kid 2)"yah you play PUBG single playe tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh
by Mali656 November 30, 2017