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An awesome addition to the Star Wars EU, which fake fans hate because they blame it for ending the Clone Wars and want to hate anything new added to the EU.
Man, I can't believe you watch that Disneyfied kiddy show, Star Wars Rebels! It will ruin the franchise!
We are talking about the same show that had the main villain of the first season commit suicide, blinded the main mentor in the second season, and brought Thrawn back into canon in the third resulting in the destruction of everything the heroes had worked for?
by RUHLSAR000 April 20, 2017
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A TV show from Disney and everyone kinda hated because there is no more The clone wars
Guy: Star Wars The Clone Wars is cancelled!
Guy 2: Shit.... what tv show are there now?
Guy: they made a star wars rebels tv show
Guy 2: TF? is disney freaking obsessed with the original trilogy?

Guy: yep... we want back the clone wars....
by EN9ITY March 21, 2017
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