9 definitions by Mister Felly

1) A Roblox player who wants to be the best hacker of all time but ends up looking like a dickhead.
2) A Roblox player who easily gets boners.
The erected 43-year-old male Roblox player who lives in his mothers basement and likes Robux scams happens to be a total TIFANY_MAYUMI.
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
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A game in Roblox so bright and colorful that you will instantly get a seizure.
Robloxian: I wanna try this MeepCity game. (plays)
Robloxian: (gets seizure)
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
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The pieces of bullcrap that you use on Roblox to call someone a noob.
Bobby: I have Robux!
Joey: So?
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
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A game where blocks sit in the air and you see Herobrine every 6.3 seconds just so that you have a new conspiracy theory video to post on YouTube and cows ride pigs but it looks like humping after a hangover.
Player 1: Yo let play Minecraft.
Player 2: Cool we like dat Minecraft.
Player 1: Shit I see Herobrine.
Player 2: Let's post on YouTube.
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
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The Pals are four Minecraft YouTubers who suck balls, live in their mothers' basements, and have nasty fetishes for Minecraft and ROBLOX and a bunch of indie games no one cares about.
The Pals are some of YouTube's worst and stupidest gamers.
by Mister Felly September 4, 2019
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A man obsessed with money and only cares about money, with no true feelings whatsoever.
The businessman I met tonight was such a moneyman.
by Mister Felly September 6, 2019
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(pronounced "tĭss·lŭb")
Bullshit backwards. You can use it to troll people.
Uncle Alfreduardo's chicken salad was a load of tihsllub!
by Mister Felly September 5, 2019
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