when on a long hike, and the summit (or awesome view) is near and within reach, one will go into "rampage mode"... a mode of rampage where one will use up all of his/her energy in a last ditch effort to reach the summit as soon as possible and at a mad pace.
oh my, he has gone into rampage mode again... i hope he will have energy to make it off the mountain before dark.
by Robin Beer August 9, 2008
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When you play way too hard without caring for the consequences, most of the time this happens due to inner sadness or anger. Rampage mode is hooking up with anyone and everyone, being the woohoo girl that closes every bar and sliding down the social ladder like nobody's business.
My rampage mode was on for months after him and I broke up, I remember binge drinking and making lots of questionable decisions.
by Thelifeofjulia September 24, 2017
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1. When one guy out of a whole group of friends is being a complete and total asshole to everybody else.
2. Incredibly rough sex that leads to strained muscles and bruises.
1. "Dude, I totally went rampage-mode on this chick yesterday. It was awesome."

2. friend "You're just being a dick today aren't you?"
friend 2 "Nah, he's just in rampage-mode."
by Nicholas Syndicate December 14, 2008
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