A term used to describe a man/woman, who is used for the purpose of sex.
Jim: Bob that isn't your girlfriend?
Bob: No, this is my plate, i got her to convert last week.
by Hanable August 11, 2018
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Buyer: aye you got that?
Dealer: what you need?
Buyer: lemme get a plate
by Jakez October 1, 2012
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Someone who is not popular, nor tries to be. Satisfied with where they stand in the social triangle.
She's not popular, but she doesn't try to be. She's a plate.
by Farahirah December 4, 2011
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noun plate: a person with rather wide and short male genetalia
verb to plate: what a plate likes to do with his 'plate' (if you catch me drift ;) )
'he was tunneling into you like thunderbird four with his plate!!!!'
'what a PLATE!!!'
by Julia Reynolds March 10, 2007
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Overall if a girl is flat; she could be flat chested or she could have a flat ass.

Front Plate - Flat Chested

Back Plate - Flat Ass
"the new girl is such a plate"

"the new girl is front plate"

"the new girl is back plate"
by Reider (helped no) February 18, 2014
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Word used to define someone who flakes on a plan or says something and then does not do it.
Matthew: I’m gonna get plastered every night on this beach trip

*Second Night*

Matthew: I’m too tired tonight I think I’m just gonna pass out

Josh: Man I knew you were a plate
by TUTIMAN807 March 22, 2020
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A chode penis that is far, far wider than it is long, resembling a plate.
Mine's 1 inch long and 12 inches wide. Bitches call me The Plate.
by CTGreen February 27, 2020
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