An act of oral sex i.e. Fellatio/cunnylingus.
Oi slut, give me a plate!
by Bowlesy June 6, 2006
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Cockney ryhming slang for feet. Derives from 'plates of meat'. As with all cockney rhyming slang, the rhyming part is not used in speech.
Christ look at the size of his plates (christ look at the size of his feet).
by C Webb May 7, 2006
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A section of the crust of the earth, which is cracked. Each plate moves slowly over a very viscous thick liquid called the mantle, which itself covers a liquid metal core and solid inner core, mostly made of iron and nickle. These plates are called "tectonic" plates. These types of plates may make contact with each other in various ways to cause earthquakes and form volcanoes, trenches and mountains.
"The earthquake was cause at the plate boundery." the seperation of the two plates. Plates fit together like a jigsaw
by Alegna Smith June 2, 2005
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A sexual act wherein one partner lies face up on the floor with a plate of glass over their face, and the other shits on the glass.
by Nasty Sanchez October 11, 2003
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Step 1 for plating option

Take a paper plate and cut two eyeholes in it. Apply a screen to the holes. Use a coarse screen if you want particles to drip through, use a fine screen for liquid.

Step 2

Wrap your head in saran wrap with your nose and eyes exposed. You will need to see and breath to appreciate the effects. A mouth hole is optional. Now put on a pair of goggles.

Step 3

Find someone that has eaten alot of corn and swallowed a few grapes whole and is ready to let loose.

Step 4

Hold the paper plate on each side and watch for anal expansion. The googles will keep your eyes from burning and the saran wrap will give you a feeling of warmth with the wetness.

If you are using the mouth hole option, you may be able to snag grape and earn bonus points
by Dr. LF June 18, 2009
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A record, usu. a 12"
Put on that plate, I like the B-side mix!
by DJdre June 12, 2004
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When you lick someones arsehole like your licking your plate when you've finished a meal.
Dave said, "i plated her clean out"
by Geetthepuppiescleanout May 7, 2009
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