Pimp is a highly successful male Swinger.
Tony: Prince was such a Pimp he slept with more women in a year than most guys will sleep with their entire lives. Too bad he's dead.

Jumaine: You got that right! He will be missed.
by Box Worm November 24, 2019
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This is an acronym for ''Profit In My Pocket''. This is the true and only meaning.
I'm the pimp here so listen!
by Nicxtrem99 August 21, 2013
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1. (verb) To consort with multiple women.
2. (noun) One who consorts with multiple women, running a business in which the women sell their bodies for the profit of both themselves and the pimp.
1) Check it dawg, I be pimpin' da hoes.
2) Mah nigga Jacquan be da tightest pimp in da wes' side.
by reyflyinfury619 April 26, 2003
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Jack: yo man, he gets all the girls, he's like a male version of a whore.
Karl: That's a pimp...
by urman5568 February 5, 2012
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Jane: Now that shit is pimp. How the fuck?
Dick: Ain't that the truth. Pimpin ain't easy.

ho prophet visionary iceberg slim dazzle razzle
by Da pterodactyl May 12, 2016
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1. Traditionally one who exploits multiple women, forcing them to perform sexual favors for clients in return for financial profits.
2. More popular usage, one who has immense success with women and, often, takes many girlfriends.
3. Something that's cool, fashionable, or hip.
Mad Libber: Yo, look at that sexy chocolate momma over there, nigga. I wish I could get a piece of that coconut pie.
Judge Fudge: Well, that's my ho...and tonight she can be yours, for that cadillac over there.
Mad Libber: You her pimp? How about $50?
Judge Fudge: I'm far too busy being delicious.
by Steagles March 3, 2006
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1. A scumbag who sells people (half of which are children) for sex, often against their will.
2. A word that, in spite of the horrific actions associated with it, is used positively by many people.
“Woah, now that’s a pimp! Let’s call the police.”

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, man. Living as the human equivalent to a pile of dog shit is hard work!”
by nobodyforsale July 10, 2019
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