A hand motion used to greet someone similar to a handshake or fist bump. The people "Dapping up" will bring their opposite hands together, sliding them against each other, and locking their fingers for a brief moment before retracting their hands. White/suburban people will usually mistake this phrase for "Dab me up."
"Bro what you are doing, dap me up"
"We haven't seen each other in 2 years and you aren't even going to dap me up???"
by HATINGLIFESTYLE January 12, 2022
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An unspoken greeting performed or done by fist bumping, tapping, or hitting. Usually only by tapping light. Sometimes a person is agressive n hits the other fist hard. It's usually only spoken if the other person is unaware or if a person confronts the other about not doing it or being left hanging with a fist in the air... . Can also be used to agree about something such as a titty flash, upskirt, payback/revenge/karma, or getting high etc.... .
I was looking out for you bro, *dapped*, that's right bro you better dap me up.

Speaker knockers has a song that's titled "dap you up"!
by Anonygnostymo217 August 6, 2018
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