A bad ass that makes a living selling his woman, for shit loads of cash. Usually too busy to remember names so the common pimp will call his bitches, "bitches". Can usually be spotted by their unique taste in "pimpin clothes", and by them driving an old school Cadillac. Indeed we all wish we could be pimps.
Guy: hey look at the badass Caddy
guy2: cool, lets look at it
Pimp: bitch get away from my car.
by The Pimp Of Tempe September 16, 2010
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cool, sweet, something that is really great
My new car is so pimp!
by SavageBitch May 4, 2003
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Gay child. Normally associated among other gay children talking about them "Hoes", and their "Money". All which do not exist.
Kevin is such a pimp, lawl.
by TheDefinitionMan April 6, 2010
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The act of having bitches to do your dirty work and they pay your ass the cash they got for doing it.
Hey BITCH, Wheres your pimp at?
by blackhomeboyfromjersey January 8, 2011
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a brother from the hood that has 45's and bling bling. prefferably a big ice chain. wears a big purple coat with zebra on the trim, fishtank shoes, and a big zebra hat. That mother fucker is dope. Uses women for money.
that pimp was a crazy mofo.
by Kadi November 27, 2004
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One (maybe a hustler) who matches or procures prostitutes to others
The pimp found him a nice whore
by A non-anus (Anonymous) May 24, 2006
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1. N - a man who buys and sells prostitutes.
2. N - Someone who is cool or has swag.
3. Adj - Meaning "awesome"
1. I hear that a pimp got arrested yesterday
2. Psh, I'm a pimp!
3. Dude, that's pimp! or Dude, that's pimpin'!
by Mac_&_Cheese July 22, 2011
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