Put it in my p***y
Girl: Hey bae pimp
Boy: Bett
by Mɪsɪ October 6, 2021
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Acronym for Prostitute Implementation and Management Personnel
He's a Pimp!
by doomvector May 17, 2011
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man who is going to hell if he doesnt change.
by monolog May 7, 2003
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Pimp is a highly successful male Swinger.
Tony: Prince was such a Pimp he slept with more women in a year than most guys will sleep with their entire lives. Too bad he's dead.

Jumaine: You got that right! He will be missed.
by Box Worm November 24, 2019
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buy, sell, rent an lease hoes
my 1972 white 250 /8 benz is the biggest pimp mobile
by Jermaine Dupri April 26, 2003
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1. Chuck Norris
2. Man who sells women who preform sexual wonders on men (or women) for money. (which is given to the pimp)

3. Man who slaps like a champ.

4. Woman who sells men who preform sexual wonders on women(or men) for money. (which the men keep cos no man should take that shit from a woman)
5. Slang For cool kid but you're a loser if you say that.
Dude, I heard about a woman who didn't pay her pimp when she was done at a motel in Los Angeles last week.
police found her body in 69 different pieces all over the parking lot.

Thats right. Don't Fuck with Chuck. (or any other pimp)
by Docta dre/peppa September 16, 2010
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Dominant and intelligent.

One who understands social, sexual and psychological dynamic of human beings well enough to impose their will upon anyone without a pimp perspective.

To be of the state of understanding a subject or numerous subjects so completely that a novice to said subject(s) cannot comprehend the distant echelon of calculated will.

A pimp serves many roles in the pimp-ho relationship.

Pimping is a full time job.

The skill set required for pimping is beyond the range of what the greater majority of people are capable of.

Pimps are often misunderstood by ignorant on-lookers to be the exploiter of women. When infact the opposite is true: A pimp will give a female everything she needs (except payment for pimp services) which is required for pimp-ho relationship.

- This statement may confuse and befuddle some people. Those who have not studied the pimp nature know not the depth of the give and take relationship between a pimp and his hoes.

True pimps don't lie to hoes.
Pimping isn't easy. They earn their money.
by Life's Easy January 12, 2009
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