This is an incredibly smart business man who has found a way to make money by simply selling the youth of young women. This is frowned upon in public but envied in private. there are different types of pimpin such as:

The real pimp: the pimp that keeps it real and keeps his pimp hand strong and his ho's under control.

The fake pimp: the white guy that grew up in the ghetto that likes to pretend his mom is his bitch
The super pimp: the man who has achieved the point in pimpin that allows him to be looked up at and still sustain a large amount of bitches in his arsenal of all shapes and sizes.
Real pimp: Katt williams a small pimp that is good at what he does and proud
Fake pimp: Vanilla Ice
Super pimp: Tiger woods.
by Pimp DAddi PePpa December 7, 2010
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man who is going to hell if he doesnt change.
by monolog May 7, 2003
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1. A nickname given to someone who attracts many women.
2. A nickname given to someone who is sexually promiscuous with many women who don't know about it.
3. A nickname given to someone who appears to be either of the above.
Man you is a pimp!

Sup pimp? You hit that last night?
by Josh Da Pimp January 23, 2009
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Acronym for Prostitute Implementation and Management Personnel
He's a Pimp!
by doomvector May 17, 2011
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Dominant and intelligent.

One who understands social, sexual and psychological dynamic of human beings well enough to impose their will upon anyone without a pimp perspective.

To be of the state of understanding a subject or numerous subjects so completely that a novice to said subject(s) cannot comprehend the distant echelon of calculated will.

A pimp serves many roles in the pimp-ho relationship.

Pimping is a full time job.

The skill set required for pimping is beyond the range of what the greater majority of people are capable of.

Pimps are often misunderstood by ignorant on-lookers to be the exploiter of women. When infact the opposite is true: A pimp will give a female everything she needs (except payment for pimp services) which is required for pimp-ho relationship.

- This statement may confuse and befuddle some people. Those who have not studied the pimp nature know not the depth of the give and take relationship between a pimp and his hoes.

True pimps don't lie to hoes.
Pimping isn't easy. They earn their money.
by Life's Easy January 12, 2009
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