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When people voluntarily leave their comfortable homes and drive out to the middle of nowhere to live amongst trees, thousands of hungry insects, and very uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, in order that they may pretend they’re “reconnecting with nature.”
“Hey, we should go camping this weekend!”
“You mean, fight traffic so we can go out in the woods, live like homeless people, and hope we don’t start a forest fire? No thanks.”
by Hawks.Fan.12 September 20, 2019
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A bad-ass car from Ford. It was such a huge hit in 1964, it created its own class of car, the Pony Car. GM and Chrysler scrambled to catch up as Ford sold millions and laughed all the way to the bank. All of its competitors have come and gone over the years, but the Mustang has never gone out of production. Even the weakest Mustangs of the 1970s sold in huge numbers. Today, a base GT model gives you 460 horsepower for $35,000. You can't buy another NEW vehicle in America that gives you more power for less money.
Go ahead, laugh at the Ford Mustang II. But Ford sold almost 300,000 of them in 1974 alone. That's a lot of cars.
by Hawks.Fan.12 July 28, 2019
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Professional American football team based in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. Everyone rips on them, but they've been to three Super Bowls in nine years. Robbed in XL, won XLVIII, and lost XLIX. (barely.) They currently have arguably the coolest blue uniforms in the league. Their stadium is a nightmare for visiting teams, because the Seahawks usually win at home, and also because of the constant rain and deafening crowd noise.
Hawks fan #1: "Why didn't the Seattle Seahawks run the damn ball on the one yard line?!?!?"
Hawks fan #2: "It happened. Let it go. At least they weren't robbed by the refs again."
Hawks fan #1: "Yeah... you're right. And having one Lombardi Trophy is a heck of a lot better than none."
by Hawks.Fan.12 May 22, 2019
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When the Seattle Seahawks play like crap for most of the game, but somehow manage to squeak out a win, often due to a miracle play from offense or defense, or just plain dumb luck. It causes their fans to think they’re going to suffer a heart attack.
Dude, you look stressed! What’s wrong?!
Oh, I just watched my Seahawks pull out another cardiac win. I figure it took a few months off my life.
by Hawks.Fan.12 January 4, 2021
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A common mistake among homeowners. These types of floors look pretty, but that's their only benefit. They're freezing cold in the winter, impossible to keep clean, and develop squeaks. They also reflect sound whereas carpet absorbs sound. Carpet is also warmer in the winter, and more comfortable.
Damn these hardwood floors; I spent 20 minutes on them with a dust mop, and I still see dust bunnies, not to mention stains, and there's new squeaky spots. Next house I get will be all carpet.
by Hawks.Fan.12 May 27, 2019
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The faithful dog belonging to Inspector Gadget and his niece Penny. Brain is Penny’s sidekick, and helps her on missions. Brain has human level intelligence, and can do things that normal dogs cannot, such as ride bikes and use tools. Brain has saved Inspector Gadget countless times. He loves his human comrades, especially Penny. Brain will do anything to protect his humans, and usually endures astounding amounts of punishment. All he wants in return is the company of Penny, and food.
I would love to have a dog like Brain, and a daughter or niece like Penny.
by Hawks.Fan.12 April 20, 2020
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When a person enthusiastically backs war, but leaves the actual fighting to others, even though they are capable of joining the military themselves. When asked why they aren’t in uniform, a Chicken Hawk has a long list of weak excuses.. but the real answer is they’re afraid.
“Man we ought to stay over in the Middle East until ALL of those terrorists are done for!”
“So why aren’t YOU over there?”
“Oh well, I’m in college, and I can’t take the pay cut, what with my car payment..”
“Ah I see. A Chicken Hawk.”
by Hawks.Fan.12 March 2, 2020
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