A black codeword or name for white people.
There are a lot of rich pilgrims in this neighborhood .
by jodyjazz August 4, 2015
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An idiot who looks like they just got off the boat and haven't a clue as to where they are.
Forget that dude, he's a pilgrim.

Don't listen to him...he's a pilgrim.
by steve wiggins May 3, 2008
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Masterbating without any pornographic material, using only your imagination, just like like the pilgrims had to do it.
“John masterbates in the shower, so he has to be pilgrimming it in there, au natural.”
by JasperRide November 13, 2018
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a bunch of religious fanatics who had no problems killing and mudering Native folks in new england.
also a bunch of wothless pieces of shit who couldn't have accomplished anything without the help of those same Native folks they so enjoyed killing.
"pilgrims, thou shalt not fire your ordinance(gun) without permission excepting to disperse wolves and indians" old pilgrim law, recently repealed in boston in, oh, 2005
by figfigfiggy August 9, 2006
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A term to replace sexual words with something that sounds innocent
Joe: Dude I totally Pilgrimed this woman last night!
Bob: Wow did she pilgrim all over the place?

John: I got Pilgrim juice all over myself!

Kathy: I was Pilgriming so hard last night, I broke a nail!
by Jonnyboy772 June 27, 2009
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A Religious explorer who will travel to certain places for religious type reasons.
Jimmy: Who was Edward William,
Bob: I dont know i think he was a pilgrim from the 1700s
by XChampionGamer February 5, 2017
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A person who "settles" for less and/or the easier route in life, mainly due to extreme laziness, lack of critical thinking ability, lack of drive and/or ambition and suffers from low self-esteem.
My ex girlfriend is a total pilgrim. She took a pay cut, gave up on her dreams and is dating a guy with 3 kids.
by TaTonka September 23, 2014
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