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undomestically disturbed; wicked; evil; steals alot
My neighbors considered my boyfriend was cleptic, so i had to break up with him.
by tatonka July 31, 2006

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A person who "settles" for less and/or the easier route in life, mainly due to extreme laziness, lack of critical thinking ability, lack of drive and/or ambition and suffers from low self-esteem.
My ex girlfriend is a total pilgrim. She took a pay cut, gave up on her dreams and is dating a guy with 3 kids.
by TaTonka September 23, 2014

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An older out of shape, promiscuous, cougar who sleeps with multiple men, usually so desperate that she has to date younger men over 10 years less than her age while passing out STDs to the unknowing.
You see that front desk manager at the Casino in the blue shirt? She has an STD and is sleeping with that younger guy with the bad teeth. He is 12 years younger than her too! What a Cougwhore!
by TaTonka January 18, 2016

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