ghettto ass high school in warwick, RI. maaad chill peopleee, &a few chill teachers. but its a pretty nasty buildinggg with leaky roofs and peely desks that get melty &gooeyy when its hot outtt. and a really cold hallway called 95.
vets kid : dude, you go to pilgrim ?

pilgrim kid : yeah, why ?

vets kid : i heard that place is a shitholee.

pilgrim kid : yeah, it kindof is. but vets is too. &plus the people there are waaack.
by becky travossos October 08, 2008
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Something you have put into the oven to bake, usually bread or toast, then forgot about until you remove it burned. Bake it until it burns=you've got pilgrim.
I forgot about the garlic bread in the oven. That bread is now pilgrim.
by L. Steffen December 09, 2004
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Someone who wants something for nothing.
Like a Pilgrim who came across the ocean he wanted help from the Indians while giving nothing in return.
by Bill the Cat April 21, 2008
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1.) A Male who looks like they are dressed "feminine" to their other Male friends, or other Males in general.

2.) Usually a Male who dresses in a way that most would consider "Gay"

3.) Sometimes a Male who dresses in a fashion that would most likely pose as "Girly" to African-American Men (Stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, Express, Gap, etc.) who would consider stores such as : PacSun, Zumiez, Lids, Champs, Finish Line, Journey's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hot Topic, Dickies, Spencer's, etc.) to be considered "Straight".

It could mean any of these things, none of them are exact.
Guy 1: "Man! Look at that dude over there! With his Express-lookin' Pilgrim @$$!"

Guy 2: "Yeah Man! Why he gotta go an' show hisself 'round like dat to 'erebody else and hate on Lids and Dick's for?"
by ~231&&P@r@m0R3&&231~ August 27, 2010
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Someone visiting there in-laws for the first time bringing disease.
Melissa brought her "Pilgrim" of a boyfriend over for the holidays getting everyone sick.
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by DELCASPERADOS December 25, 2017
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Showing up to a retreat of beautiful white privileged women with your clothes not fitting right, having not showered that morning, some fresh visible acne, carrying a bunch of equipment because you traded the be there and you're still trying to appear cool.
"I walked into that room, full of beautiful women, wearing no make-up feeling like some fucking pilgrim"
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by thefirstpilgrim March 04, 2020
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