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A black codeword or name for white people.
There are a lot of rich pilgrims in this neighborhood .
by jodyjazz September 07, 2015

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1. A gay expression for congratulations in overcoming a problem or obstacle(s). 2. To reject something.
"You totally solved that problem, you did your thing, slay bitch!"
by jodyjazz December 30, 2016

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The act of driving for Uber.
Tonight I'm ubering.
by jodyjazz July 30, 2015

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Trying to be something you are not, but at the sometime being ignorant of the very thing you are trying to be.
I can't believe he said Chopin was his favorite music composer when he pronounced the Chopin (sh OH - p ae n) as Chop-Pin. He is the epitome of ghettofabulosity.
by jodyjazz May 07, 2015

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