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A dirtdigger is a person who digs dirt in another person's (man or woman) rectum. In other words, if you see pictures of somebody with his or her arm dug deep into another person's rectum; that's a dirtdigger.

Can also be used as a verb. "Dirtdigging"
"Hey, do you know that guy John?"
"-Yeah, he's a dirtdigger, isn't he?"

"I spend most of my spare time dirtdigging."
by Bo Bacon December 23, 2005
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A sexual position seen in alot of porno movies. It's when you have a female person pointing one of her holes upwards, and a man who forcedly inserts his penis in said hole. It's commonly seen that the man needs to press his penis downwards with his hand to make this act possible. The extreme porn star Max Hardcore is known to perform this act quite often in his movies.

Can also be used as a verb. "Piledriving"
"Have you ever tried the piledriver on your girlfriend?"
"No, sadly she won't let me."

"Hey, did you see the latest Max Hardcore movie?"
"For sure, he really piledrived the living hell outta that chick!"
by Bo Bacon December 23, 2005
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