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In BDSM, a bondage position used by the female dominant to peg her male submissive partner.

The submissive is lying on his back with his legs tied high above his head, causing his ass to be raised up in the air. For added restriction, his hands may also be bound. The bondage provides natural support for a sex position which can otherwise be tiring to sustain.

The female dominant has complete access to his exposed anus, enabling her to penetrate him deeply and give him the full strap-on treatment while she is in complete control. Prostate stimulation is easily achieved, and the submissive will often moan in pain or pleasure while the dominant fucks him hard and fast.

Some submissives may also find the position to be humiliating or degrading, which can be a turn on for both partners.
Her slave was bound in the piledriver position and she fucked him senseless with the full length of her 10" strap-on dildo ploughing deep into his slutty ass.
by robroysub May 1, 2020
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