To spread legs- a joke with memeulous ( George) and Joshy ( Josh)
SPREAD THEM NOW - Josh on Club penguins island
by Your Clapped Josh January 5, 2018
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When one spreads their glutes in preparation for Penetration or any penial objects.
friend 1: "yo did you tap that last night?"

friend 2: "yeah bro, I had her spreading them cheeks for me"
by Trinitron_89 March 19, 2017
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A slang often used to

1. To have someone actually spread their ass cheeks to be fucked
2. As an insult
3. When someone fucking destroys you in warzone
Guy 2: You are not even good at the game bro
by Whirooo February 22, 2021
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when thy is in intercourse with a female and dedicates his time to spread thy women's legs to insert the buttery cock into thy woman
bro talking to other bro: "bro last night i totally spread them cheeks like butter"
by ripper38 November 19, 2018
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The action of spreading someones buttocks.

Typically done before sexual intercourse.
Tyrone told Little Jesus 'Spread them cheeks boy'
by Jaquavious Donqavious Bingus October 9, 2023
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