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When everyone jumps on top of one unfortunate soul, they 'pile on'.
The much less wimpy sounding version of bundle.
'Look, Chris is asleep. Pile on!'
by Kurt H October 18, 2005
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Pile On - "sexual definition" - to have more than 2 people join together on a bed, rug, or elsewhere for the purpose of engaging in group sex or group sexual intercourse.

Usually associated with group sex, swinging, swingers, the lifestyle and other free-thinkers.
Linda and Jim were fucking naked on the bed. Debbie got undressed and joined them. Then John walked in, got naked and asked if he could pile on. They all shagged and reshagged for hours. The swingers piled on each other all night.
by Juke Boxx Hero October 23, 2011
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Usually found in a hardcore show, a pile-on is when everyone rushes from the pit to the front of the stage and jumps on the shoulders of the person in front of them. This is done mostly during a sing-along where the vocalist gives up the mic to the crowd, much like a gang vocal.
Dude that pile-on during Mutiny was fucking croosh!
by Matt aka the quite storm June 07, 2007
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That guy who is an awkward addition to any conversation, plan etc.
"Why was Joshua with us at dinner the other day?"
"I know right? He invited himself to our plans at the last moment."
"How awkward, especially after what he said to Kate last week! Such a pile on!"
by Penkash November 15, 2016
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A Sexual Position... In Which Multiple Bodies Insert Into Each Other... The More Participants The Higher The Pile
I Was So Far Down In The Pile It Hurt... My Ribs Started To Crush

OMFG Check The Size Of That Pile-On Its A Mofo!
by Yayo June 25, 2004
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