The greatest game of all time. Played typically in gym class. Oversized table tennis or miniture tennis, played with a wooden padle and wiffle balls. Those who are skilled in Pickle Ball are considered the shit.
I totally just kicked ass in Pickle Ball today.
by BFrizzle April 01, 2009
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Oversized ping pong or undersized tenis played with a wiffle ball and wooden paddels. It is a RAD GAME
Lets go play pickle ball at the pickle ball court
by sctso April 28, 2003
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the act of taping a pickle to a males balls and having sex with a woman in both of her holes
Dude i totally pickleballed that chick last night, it was awesome.
by realitive November 03, 2010
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Pickleball is a sport made popular in the late 10th century by Lord Cadwallon ab Ieuaf of Wales. The rules of the game were simple: two players known as 'Pickle-yarls' are confined to an eight foot radius circle. On opposing sides are 20 gallon vats of pickling solution. The audience is distributed cucumbers (or eunks). The audience is then encouraged to toss their cucumbers at the Pickle-yarls. The player who successfully pickles the most cucumbers in a month wins the game.

There are, of course, regional variations of this game. In North Wales, it is most common to find the simple version of the game. The more sophisticated Southern Walers, however, cover their cucumbers in glue and award points to the audience members who manage to successfully stick the cucumbers to the players. At the end of the month, the audience member with the most points, or 'yimps' is given a ham to do with as they please.
My Eunking arm is ready for this month's Pickleball game. Is yours?
by PickleballManiac February 23, 2012
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And yes, I am serious. A racket sport for 2 to 4 players that takes elements from tennis, badminton, and table-tennis, it is often played by retired folk in Floridian resorts. One wields a wooden, plastic, or graphite paddle, smacking a Wiffle-ball across a fairly low net until someone keels over from exhaustion (that's what it seems like anyway).
"Most play Pickleball for exercise, but it never works."

"Many people at The Villages play Pickleball (However, due to the fact that only two people under the age of 70 have entered its gates, we may never know for sure)."
by billiebluejeans February 19, 2014
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random game similar to tennis. played by my PE class. Not extremely fun.
by Empress Kikikens April 04, 2004
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