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A person who's beyond indecisive and never know what he wants. An Elijah could have the perfect girl right in front of him and not even realize it, can be a heartbreaker. None of the less, Elijah is one of the most sweetest, nicest, people you will ever meet. He is comforting, smart, and can make you feel like there's no other person for you besides him. An Elijah will drive you crazy and get you angry, and within the same instance he can make you feel like the greatest girl in the world. He doesn't know how to deal with his problems and will at often times go to great lengths to avoid them. Elijah makes a huge impact on your life and is impossible to forget. An amazing friend.
"He's so idecisive"
"Must be talking about Elijah"
by Rebecca Berkawitts January 08, 2015
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Elijah is the most charming, sweetest guy you will ever meet. He never gives up, and always tries his very best at everything. He is strong and fights for what he loves. Oh and did I metion the life of the party, from he's amazing dance moves, impeccable taste in music. To his FUN unique personality and those are just a few more reasons why he is the absolute best. Long story short your gr8 & thanks for just being there, Happy Birthday Elijah. Enjoy this special day. Love you tones boi! <3
Aww girl don't cry, you need an Elijah!
Thanks for the blanket..... That's an Elijah.
by |ThE_ReaL_GirlY| April 11, 2017
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Most people who have the name Elijah is smart or a savage also a name given by God sense one is helpers we're Elijah so they name is holy
Did u see Elijah say no to the "teacher "
by Eliijah February 27, 2016
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Elijah's are honestly everyones best friend. He is someone you can talk to when youre feeling any emotions+still make you smile+laugh. He says hes always tired throughout day+night but would never actually go to sleep when he says, "goodnight". He is able to zzz through a loud alarm+is a lover of animalsDOGGOS, accents,Indian food,g-station slushies,CaramelMacchiato,food shows,fudgesicles, NOcreamcicles. Though he cannot care for a fish longer than a week but he still loves fishes+his family+friends. He is a noobie at tech but he is also adorably weird, as he enjoys the random grumbles of the stomach,finds yawning relaxing+eyes interesting. Elijah has an underlying habit (stubs right toe,stubs the other) He finds sneezing 3 times rather than 1 funny+cool. He likes to do others homework for fun instead of his own. He is kinda, no he IS AWESOME at everything whether it be a sport, guitar, or math q'tions he was never taught before. He enjoys snuggling with his stuffies+knows the word to every high schl musical+dreams about superpowers. Elijah is allergic to c&dogs,peaches but still eats it...never stresses. Elijah is a person who will make time to talk to you even though has hectic schedule every day. Everything that comes out of his mouth is nice, he cant make anyone mad(except mom). His smile+eyes are the best features. Everybody loves an Elijah, if you meet an Elijah coincidentally, you are lucky! His favourite cake is pound your pound cake ELIJAH HBD!
Ex. 1
"Did you get to see Elijah over the summer?"
"Oh yea, I went to his house 4 times, and hes so COOL, i already love him"
*i chuckle*

Ex. 2
Me: "Can I be u? {elijah}"
Elijah: "No you be yourself. You is good"

That's an Elijah<3

idk if we will still talk anymore but ill still send this cuz we talked a lot+ur a good bee

buzz buzz
via giphy
by buzzwatermelon September 15, 2018
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The most gorgeous, wonderful guy you could ever lay eyes on. He's different, out of the ordinary, special. His smile makes all the hipster girls go weak at the knees. His hair, oh god his hair...

With his wonderfully smooth, hilarious personality it's impossible to dislike Elijah. He's usually a rocker, wearing black skinny jeans and Jimi Hendrix shirts. Absolutely nothing can get in his way. He want's to stand out. He's not even aware of the swooning chicks that are desperately waiting for him to give them one of his looks. He's independent. Beautiful. Perfection.
"Hey... Is that Elijah riding his bike?"
"Oh my god, it is! Man, I wish he would notice me."

"I think I'm in love with Elijah."
by Nobodycanseeme March 12, 2013
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Elijah seems very quiet in front of most people, but in front of a select few he talks a lot and may have a mild obsession with otters and pineapples. Elijah spends most of his time drawing and watching dank memes.
Wow look that pineapple reminds me of Elijah
by Eli J. Baller December 29, 2016
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