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Elijah is a gentleman & so sweet,if you ever meet a Elijah then make sure to keep him in your life forever.He may not be the ladies man,but he is the man who would only have one girl on his list & no other girl would interest him.He has a loving heart & is always polite.He is the best of the history of best friends. Elijah’s name is in the Bible & definition for Jehovah is God.He is one of the most humble people in the whole world, he will always be loyal to you. He’d always be there for you & he is one funny &humorous guy. Any girl that has him is truly blessed. Hes an unforgettable person, he is great at everything he does.He is the most athletic & talented person,whether it’s swimming,playing the guitar,basketball,golf & etc. He is a beast when it comes to him running track. Elijah is so supportive and is one handsome guy. No one compares to him, he is one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. He comes from a good family who loves God. Elijah’s eyes are very stunning once you actually take a look in them, his voice is one of the most attractive things about him.He looks for a relationship he’d last a lifetime with and not hook up with every other girl. He never wants to go to parties and get drunk, or take drugs. He has a huge heart for animals, especially dogs. Elijah’s mostly clueless and may not see the perfect girl in front of him but once it’s God’s time, God will lead him to the perfect girl.
Daughter: Does Elijah really like me?

Father: Of course he does, he got so nervous around you today. Plus you guys don’t really see each other anymore so he kinda didn’t know what to tell you.
Daughter: Why would he be nervous though?

Father: Because he’s not like those other boys who want every girl to like them, he’s just himself and he genuinely likes you and cares for you.

Daughter: Do you think he’s the one for me?
Father: I think so but only God can decide that. Don’t worry about it, just be his best friend like you guys always been for the past 7 years.

Daughter: Haha okay, great talk.

“I’m just in love with Elijah”
by Dory5002 January 02, 2019
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A person who's beyond indecisive and never know what he wants. An Elijah could have the perfect girl right in front of him and not even realize it, can be a heartbreaker. None of the less, Elijah is one of the most sweetest, nicest, people you will ever meet. He is comforting, smart, and can make you feel like there's no other person for you besides him. An Elijah will drive you crazy and get you angry, and within the same instance he can make you feel like the greatest girl in the world. He doesn't know how to deal with his problems and will at often times go to great lengths to avoid them. Elijah makes a huge impact on your life and is impossible to forget. An amazing friend.
"He's so idecisive"
"Must be talking about Elijah"
by Rebecca Berkawitts January 08, 2015
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Elijah is a super bomb dude who is hella fineeee🤤😍he seems like a shy quiet person but when u get to know him he's hella lit🔥 He likes only one girl who is his queen👑He likes her ALOT and he thinks he might love her🤷 ♀️❤️He is very loyal and devotes everything to that one girl and his family😘💙💙get u an Elijah
Boy:yo is that Elijah and his girl
Girl:yah he loves her sm there so cute
by Luh unknown June 02, 2018
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A boy who will literally drop what he's doing just to see whats wrong with you. He's an amazing person and if you have him as your boyfriend then your super lucky. He does weird dances and he sings songs that will literally make you fall for him. His eyes are so beautiful that you will literally get lost in them. His smile can make you smile non-stop. If you meet a boy named Elijah your lucky because his personality is the same with or without his friends.
Me: Elijah, why are you dancing like that?
Elijah: What do you mean? I'm great at dancing
Me: *Smiles ridiculously*
by Smiley Person :)) February 21, 2019
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Elijah is the most charming, sweetest guy you will ever meet. He never gives up, and always tries his very best at everything. He is strong and fights for what he loves. Oh and did I metion the life of the party, from he's amazing dance moves, impeccable taste in music. To his FUN unique personality and those are just a few more reasons why he is the absolute best. Long story short your gr8 & thanks for just being there, Happy Birthday Elijah. Enjoy this special day. Love you tones boi! <3
Aww girl don't cry, you need an Elijah!
Thanks for the blanket..... That's an Elijah.
by |ThE_ReaL_GirlY| April 11, 2017
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