10 definitions by Panama Pucker

When a group of Iowa girls collaborate on which guy’s cock they’re going to select to be sucked. This commonly takes place at some point during a girls’ night out.
Following a brief Iowa Cockus by Stephanie, Kelly and Vivienne at the Dez Moinez Pub, they decided they were going to suck Brad’s cock before the night was over.
by Panama Pucker November 13, 2021
Expodentially is a slang word used at strategic points in a conversation or speech to avoid using the word “exponentially”, which means substantial. This tactic is commonly used by politicians who lack integrity, to avoid being caught in their lies when their promises ultimately turn out to be empty.
Politician: “ And if you vote for me, you’ll see the money in all of your bank accounts grow EXPODENTIALLY!”
by Panama Pucker December 17, 2021
REDFYP is a youth club for future car thieves, burglars, rapists, drug traffickers, pedophiles, cock suckers for crack and common criminals in Los Angeles County. It’s regarded as a training program for criminals and a provider of job security for law-enforcement of all levels for decades to come.
BREAKING NEWS: The serial pedophile labeled “The Night Stroker of Los Angeles” was finally convicted today. Fun fact, he was a graduate of the Los Angeles County DA’s "Restorative Enhanced Diversion For Youth Pathway” program back in 2021.
by Panama Pucker December 20, 2021
The sexual act of inserting rock cocaine (Crack) into the anus and then using the partner’s hard penis to push the crack deep into the rectum, resulting in a euphoric high for the recipient.
When we came back from the Alamo tour, Amber took out some rock cocaine and said she wanted a Muzzle Load! I used my hard cock to load her ass with crack!!!
by Panama Pucker June 28, 2022
The act during anal sex of deep breathing and relaxing the sphincter, releasing all kinds of shit from custody and allowing it to shoot out the anus (Alabama Appleseed) at cock release and withdrawal.
Brah, I thought butt sex with Gina was going hot hot hot…And THEN she did The Breathe Act!…DEEEEEMN!…shit released everywhere!
by Panama Pucker December 20, 2021
Following the act during anal sex of deep breathing and relaxing the sphincter (The Breathe Act), all kinds of shit that was in custody shoots out the anus at cock release and withdrawal. This shit released from its incarceration of the anus are many, resembling piles of Alabama Appleseeds. Thus its name.
Brah, I thought butt sex with Regina was going hot hot hot…And THEN she did The Breathe Act as I pulled my cock out!…. DEEEEEMN!!! Alabama Appleseed everywhere!!!
by Panama Pucker December 21, 2021
The resulting odor on a male’s nut sack from recent intercourse with a female who previously douched prior to sex. The subsequent “extra fresh” smell on the man’s junk is reminiscent of vinegar emitting from an opened jar of pickles.
Bro, before work I went balls deep at Stacy’s and I just got a whiff of a ripe case of pickle balls. I hope no one smells it.
by Panama Pucker November 9, 2021