The resulting odor on a male’s nut sack from recent intercourse with a female who previously douched prior to sex. The subsequent “extra fresh” smell on the man’s junk is reminiscent of vinegar emitting from an opened jar of pickles.
Bro, before work I went balls deep at Stacy’s and I just got a whiff of a ripe case of pickle balls. I hope no one smells it.
by Panama Pucker November 9, 2021
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Combination of tennis and ping pong, future olympic sport, way to determine friend status or sponge-worthiness.
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The greatest game of all time. Played typically in gym class. Oversized table tennis or miniture tennis, played with a wooden padle and wiffle balls. Those who are skilled in Pickle Ball are considered the shit.
I totally just kicked ass in Pickle Ball today.
by BFrizzle April 1, 2009
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During a threesome, two women (or any gender) playfully bat a male's testicle back and forth between the two.
Abby: "Did you hear Jas and Bailey played Pickle Ball with Elijah?"
by jahman69 January 8, 2021
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Pickle ball - when you’re too un athletic for tennis and too poor for golf
“Grandma stop playing pickle ball your not cool
by 1Battlehawk1 July 12, 2023
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A person pleasures a scrotum laying between two whole wheat buns after it’s been preserved for two months in brine.
What did you do with Adam last night? You two haven’t seen each other in two months.

Pickle ball.
by 2JupesTooMany June 24, 2022
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When a male cuts off his testacles and cuts it open and takes one of his testicales, puts it in a jar, puts the jar in the freezer, and leaves it there over night. He then gets the other one and forces it into his partners anus. He then the next day gets the jar and makes partner eat it.
Did you hear Martin and Janice were pickle balling?
by WhiteMamba13 February 11, 2016
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