Really bad orthodonture (crooked teeth).

synononyms: British teeth, Mouth of Horrors.
She was a babe until she opened her mouth and showed me her picket fence.
by Nancy_Drew_Mysterious October 5, 2006
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Another name for the proposed ‘Boder Wall’ between the US and Mexico.
If (or when) the proposed ‘Border Wall’ is built... it will be more of a PICKET FENCE; because of all the protests and picketing!
by Major Thomas Randle March 18, 2019
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In competitive forensics, to picket fence is to recieve only scores of 1 (the highest score) in all speech rounds.
Sarah: How did you do at the Jack Howe tournament?
David: I picket fenced it!
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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(Repeater Term) A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. If a repeater user's signal isn't strong enough to maintain solid access to the machine's input (such as when operating from a vehicle passing beneath underpasses or through hilly terrain), the signal would be hard to copy because of a pronounced, rapid fluttery or choppy characteristic.
We can't copy you, you're picket fencing really badly.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 1, 2004
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A sexual fivesome, similar to a London Bridge (two dudes tappin two chicks doggystyle while those hos makeout) with the addition of a third man between the women, who simultaneously receives a blowjob and assplay.
shit dude i was middle post in a picket fence one time and hoo boy we were high fivin all UP IN that bitch
by the most mythical of reindeer January 10, 2007
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The action of driving alongside a line of naked women lined up along a road with their breasts exposed, while sticking your erected penis out the car door and slapping their breasts with it.
by Awob603 March 12, 2010
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n., v., to have a relationship that is considered standard, old fashion and/or idealic.
n., Juan and Yanette have been together since high school; they were born to have a white picket fence.

v., Juan: I love you. Let's white picket fence together.
Yanette: Yes, I do.
by Kristina June 18, 2006
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