51 definitions by Major Thomas Randle

Political candidates who must try to explain negative or questionable actions from their past.
It was a very short time before he had to stop campaigning and start
CAM-SPLAINING the unacceptable things done in years past.
by Major Thomas Randle February 7, 2019
The counter reply to ‘that’s what she said’. As in: ‘that jerk just ruined the evening with that terrible ‘that’s what she said joke”. Destroyed the night... That’s What he Did!
After complaining about the over cooked dinner he ate the meal without even chewing. That’s what He Did!!!
by Major Thomas Randle July 21, 2018
The combination of: ‘At the end of the day’; and ‘It is what it is’. Therefore summing up the entire response to everything that ever happens with no obvious answer.
Although we may never know the reason for anything (ever);

by Major Thomas Randle July 23, 2018
(Blimp+Pimp):The new purposed replacement for the presidential airplane (Air Force 1). A Massive Blimp with bling, rims and dementia; dual jet engines and hydrogen gas filled. Estimate Cost: ∞ $.
I am worried about the safety of the new design and name of POTUS-PLIMP-1... I think the current Air Force 1 is fine.......
by Major Thomas Randle October 13, 2018
The reality of every person being totally unique and an existentialist singular life. Beyond phenotypes and groupings.
One reason why it’s so hard for people to truly agree upon things is found in our YOU-NIQUE nature. Whereby each individual is far more singular than the whole; yet aspires to be part of everything.
by Major Thomas Randle March 16, 2019
The process of rising and falling in the political (time/space) hyper speed world.
It only took a (political) TIME LAPSING to see the powerful candidate become a negative meme with no real support.
by Major Thomas Randle March 17, 2019
A ‘probiotic aid’ that doesn’t work well for you; and others who expected immediate results.
I think my probiotic is actually an AMATEUR-BIOTIC because it has not worked well for my system.
by Major Thomas Randle September 19, 2018