someone who accuses girls of being crack whores
"I hate when I he calls me a crack whore, he is such a phill"
by Kat May 15, 2003
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Complete, absolute perfection. Nothing in the world that is better. Heaven.
"God, You're just so phill"
by lex September 26, 2004
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The act of killing a conversation when your name is Phil
Phil, you just philled it!
by Jay June 02, 2004
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When one does not pick you up or call back when they were suppost to.
Me: Man, Mark never picked me up from the airport I waited for hours!

Friend: HAHA You got PHILLED!!
by fresh1 May 09, 2005
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n. an awesome boyfriend; mestre at capoeira (hehe); tHe OnLy GuY tHaT i'LL eVeR LoVe ThIs mUcH; the one who will always have my love, no matter what.
pHiLL does not need to question raCheL's love for him.
by pHiLL, meu amor February 07, 2005
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When you say Phill’s name (and yes this is just his nickname), many things come to mind. Among the most prominent of these is the image of an unsettling, pedo-like figure. Even though Phill is aware of how his name perfectly pairs with ‘pedo’ to create a new nickname: ‘pedophill’, being the person he is, he chooses to pretend not to care or notice it.
Gregorius Markus: “Oh man look at that shady dude in the porta-potty.”
Oscar: “Yeah that looks like a pedophill. We should get the hell out of here.”
by Totally not pedophill December 24, 2019
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