organizms containing chloraphyll use light energy to reproduce... and in other words... something to do when you're bored :D
1) I suggest we go and photosynthesize.
2) - What are you doing?
- photosynthesizing
3) Im aroused, I Think i'll sit down and
by Random Sheep April 18, 2005
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1. To n.CO2 + n.H2O + photons → (CH2O).n + n.O2
2. To use big words
1. I like it when narcotic plants photosynthesize

2. Sometimes I use big words I dont always fully understand, in an effort make myself sound more photosynthesis.
by Nig' July 18, 2015
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The process of alcohol permeating one's body in order to further enjoy one's night.
Hey little Sally Are you ready to photosynthesize later? It helps enhance when I get plowed out.
by Daisy3885 February 19, 2010
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"Ay did you guys know oxygen is just Photosynthesized Carbon Dioxide"
by EDR-bookOfLife November 20, 2021
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