When you get guys.
When you make guys like you.
When you get girls.
When you make girls like you.
Billybob: I was pullin my nigga
JoeBob: Foreal? What girls?!
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
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Leaving the military. Phrase derived from the act of pulling the Safety Pin on a Hand Grenade.
"So dude, what's it been like since pullin' the pin?
by Dreaded88 October 28, 2013
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The best thing ever. Nothing or nobody comes anywhere near the awesomeness of this, and if someone did they'd probably die instantly. Brings eternal joy to all who know of it, even if just via facebook. May cause unexplained bouts of obsession resulting in the running off the edge of a cliff in pure love for it.
I've just bougt the best thing ever!
-Is it Toad-Pullin?
-Shut up then.
by hamishmcdoogle July 26, 2010
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When someone sets you up with a hot girl but you pussy out and run away.
by Ale Gan June 21, 2010
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it's like after you eat at a fast food place you just get up an leave your dirty napkins, papers and stuff on the table instead of putting them in that bin that is marked "TRASH"
We had dinner at Burger King last night and left right after pullin' a Willie.
by Willie Wanko February 8, 2015
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pullin an eg is when a girl who wants to have intercourse, DITCHES you at the last second.
: yo emily wanna come over tonight :)
E: sure babe, wanna do some naughty stuff:)
B: ya:)

2 hours later

E: i have a dentist appointment, next time :)
by jaemillz$ December 8, 2009
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