a self-described 'Playa', often seen wearing stylish clothes (typically a kangol and turtleneck) and having a mustache.

He believes himself to weild great power and is heavily connected in the underworld.
Phil has appeared in the Washington Post for promoting a fight between Bea Arthur and Mike Tyson.
by bon1 July 25, 2008
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Usually a really terrible name for a guy. The guy likes to blow other men, and tell them they are muscular. This guy also showers with other men. This guy pushes his buttcheeks against other men's buttcheeks in order to become aroused. This guy also likes to wear goofy ass pajama pants and round glasses, often thinking they look good, when in reality, they look like a retarded piece of shit. This specimen, named Phil, likes to listen to early 80's femme lesbian rap mixed with white noise.

Usually their preferred targets are hispanics with dad bods who may or may not be special.
Hey, that's Phil over there! He's a dooche!
by phillover6969 September 7, 2017
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Phil. Otherwise known as a typically over weight shit-scum who generally has no direction in life. Phil ain't shit and deep down he knows it.
Dude I can't bear another day at work surrounded by these phils
by Leakyweiner December 19, 2017
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'Sorry Phil'
by Lhip January 4, 2009
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A phil is a simple being. Tends to think he is not gay, but goes around telling everyone he is a flaming homosexual. That is just a phil's way of coming out of the closet. Can also be used to explain how gay something/someone is.
"Oh no, Phil is gay!"

"Stop being a phil."

"That song is so phil."
by Leoturd April 13, 2009
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A big big loser who has fetishes for his dad wearing pink/leapord skin speedos.
by Jessi Lou Poo August 26, 2008
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That guy in that one TV show you watch who is the main character's old, fat and bald uncle. His name is always Phil.

- Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince
- Uncle Phil from The Man Show
- Dr. Phil
by Phileias March 2, 2009
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