A person who brings extreme happiness and joy into the lives of others
Lea Dilallo is a ray of sunshine who brightens our lives and many others
by tgdfan August 22, 2021
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This is when a girl sits on a guys face while he eats her out. After she gets off, she then pees all over his face. Like a ray of sunshine. :)
Man, on rainy days I really enjoy a The Ray of Sunshine from my girlfriend.
by Brookeeeeeeee August 18, 2010
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A sexual maneuver whereby one fires off a handgun at the point of climax. The handgun must be at least 9mm or larger. A .22 just doesn't cut it.

The sex must also be performed in a wooded area. Discharge of firearms in a domicile is unacceptable.

Extra points are awarded if an electric blue light sabre is involved, especially after the flying of radio-controlled helicopters.

Another word associated with this experience is "Todded".
I totally busted out the Scott Ray of Sunshine last weekend at the lake with Monica.

Oh, so you totally Todded!
by Tasty Snatch November 13, 2011
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A) Someone who is happy at the wrong time, or obnoxiously happy all of the time.

B) Someone who is absolutely not a ray of sunshine.
A) "My grandma just died"
"That sucks, but did you hear? I got an A on my assignment!"
"You're such a ray of fucking sunshine."

B) "Hey! How are you?"
"I want to fucking die."
"Wow, you're just a ray of fucking sunshine today, aren't you?"
by Amelie078 April 22, 2020
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