To pull a Phil- throwing a type of fragmentation grenade through a window or door. But you miss the window/door, and the grenade bounces back and detonates on you.
Mike: Pop a frag through that window...
*Throws grenade*
Kyle: Run!!!
Mike: Did you pull a Phil???!!!!
by hklover556 January 27, 2013
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The term used when someone has had their ballbag stapled to a pair of jeans
Jim: "Ohhhhhhh!"

Barry: What's the matter Jim? Have you Philled yourself to your jeans again?
by Benn =] February 12, 2008
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A Phil is not a man, woman, it's nothing it's not even a bag of hot Cheetos's it is like a phantom not real like for an example it's like a dog fucking a bobble head it's just not a thing.
Dave: Yo dude my friend got mad at me and called me a Phil what should I do?
Frank: There is nothing you can do I'm sorry.
by Pie King 1 February 11, 2018
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a guy who is an immature jerk. has no feelings toward girls. just wants thier body, and nude pictures, nothing else. also cannot take a joke. yet a really good kisser
-"that kiss was a phil"

-"he kept asking me for dirty pictures"

"he deffenitly was a phil"
by nijaturtle blankett July 12, 2009
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A kid who is the greatest in the universe at everything and is gonna be damn sure u know it. WIll tell u every single damn thing hes done in the past week and finish it off with either "SICK!!!" or "SMOKESHOW!!". basically hes better than u and u wish u were him
kid: "hey phil i heard u guys won ur game the other day"

Almighty Phil: "O yea, it was "SICK!!!" I had like 20 dunks and made like 3 extra points. It was a "SMOKESHOW!!!"

kid: "wow thats awesome phil ur so cool"
(to other kid once phil leaves): "I fuckin hate him!!!!!!"
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Phil. Otherwise known as a typically over weight shit-scum who generally has no direction in life. Phil ain't shit and deep down he knows it.
Dude I can't bear another day at work surrounded by these phils
by Leakyweiner December 20, 2017
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