tall, blonde, cute, shy. doesnt really know how to flirt, but indirectly lets a girl know he likes her. likes blondes. has a good sense of humor. likes to buy a lot of sunglasses. wont hug the girl he likes cuz he thinks it might be awkward. indirectly adorable. likes girls with a name beginning with A.

and trust me. i am a psychologist, and 78% of men named phil fit this category. ladies, do not give up on a guy named phil. give him time. he will come to you eventually :)
Phil likes her!
How can you tell?
He always smiles around her!
by chocoholicpsychologist<3 July 01, 2010
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someone who gets too smashed at parties, likes to drunk text, and passes out a lot.

got with a different girl every week in high school.
Gal: Yo did that kid just pull a Phil?

Male: Yeah he's sprawled out on the floor passed out.

Gal: At least he didnt run into a closet this time.
by lil lizz January 18, 2010
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verb: to pull a Phil is to say something completely nonsensical which confuses/baffles human beings with normal, functioning brains.

noun: Phils are generally below average intelligence and have a tendency to do stupid things. Beware of encountering a Phil. They may fool you with their university "degrees", charm and dazzling smile, but their idiocy is highly contagious.
"Dude, he totally pulled a Phil and tried to clean those dishes with a microwave!"

"Did he just confuse armadillos with dinosaurs? That guy is such a Phil..."
by Miss Fantastic November 25, 2009
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someone who is 6 foot huge and would kill everyone in its way. A phil is also a great person who is funny and all the girls love him for his charm. Phil is a pimp and a half. Everyone wants to be a phil but there is only one phil and that is PHIL T.
I want that kid phil so bad its not even funny, said alyssa.
by my scissors January 30, 2006
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To constantly fall into a deep sleep while at work, usually accompanied by loud snoring.
I got in trouble from my boss because she caught me taking a Phil.

After I Philled, I felt completely refreshed for my afternoon meeting.

I need some NoDoz because I keep Philling at my desk.
by verifone August 01, 2006
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An awesome lad, who is the greatest of the great. But flawed by being stuck traveling the same road everyone else has already traveled. He loves to write fables about others, this brinngs peace within himself for all his short comings in life.
When I grow up I want to be like Phil, but I don't want to sound like a broken record.
by PhildaMaster June 18, 2010
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A Phil is not a man, woman, it's nothing it's not even a bag of hot Cheetos's it is like a phantom not real like for an example it's like a dog fucking a bobble head it's just not a thing.
Dave: Yo dude my friend got mad at me and called me a Phil what should I do?
Frank: There is nothing you can do I'm sorry.
by Pie King 1 February 11, 2018
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