A couple that continuosly touches/caresses/strokes each other in a public display of over-affection
Jon: Who is coming over tonight?
Joe: Oh the usual, the guys and the petting zoo.
Jon: Wonderful
by foug March 24, 2003
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When a female rubs a man's private part for countless hours, getting him hard, but doesn't make him ejaculate. This leads to an excruciating case of blue balls
Brooke stroked Max's penis for 3 hours and in the morning he couldn't even walk without finishing in the shower. He definitely had a bad time from the petting zoo.
by Steven S Smith September 20, 2012
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Someone who has a body odor similar to the unbearable stench of a petting zoo. Avoid this person at all costs, for the vile smell is so gut-wrenchlingly foul that you will undoubtedly vomit with such force that it sprays for several feet from the mouth (projectile vomit).
Man 1: Dood, did you hear that the entire Quinnipiac University had to get evacuated yesterday?

Man 2: No way... Why?

Man 1: Quinnipiac stupidly admitted a petting zoo!!
by tulanebringsthepain January 20, 2011
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A strip club that lets you touch the strippers
-yo man, how was that new strip club you went to last night?
-dude, I couldn't even touch the girl I dropped $500 on. Next time I'm gonna make sure it's a petting zoo before I go!
by CSCC April 10, 2012
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Slang for the opioid based drug/plant mitragyna speciosa AKA kratom. It gets its nickname from the smell of the ground powder that smells just like a llama. It produces short euphoric highs and is legal in most states.
Example 1:
Dan: Hey do you want any kratom?
Nate: No that smells like a petting zoo.
Dan: More for me I guess

Example 2:
I havent shit in over a week because I take an ounce of petting zoo every day.
by danasp_42 October 6, 2018
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a word for a strip club or a gentlemen club
1: who wants to go to the petting zoo cuzz
2: nah man I rather go to the casino nigga
1: peace out be fo these nizzles would fuck us up cuzz

2: bye O.G nigga stay low
by g-lowlife February 18, 2022
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