A University located in Hamden, Connecticut, in an attractive New England setting. Student body about 8,000 including undergrad, graduate, and law students. Students are mostly white, and either upper middle class or rich. Many are conservative as well. Division 1 sports. Known to have good parties, pretty competitive to get in to. Considered a JUNIOR IVY LEAGUE- whatever that means. Huge housing shortages. Great health science school.
Student from QU- I go to Quinnipiac!
Yale student- You dumb party animal!
Southern Connectictut student- You smart rich girl!
by KSJA April 24, 2006
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A university that costs a fortune and is full of alcoholics. Full of smartish scholarship kids and rich kids who's mothers wrote there college essays.
Kid: I go to quinnipiac without a scholarship
Kid #2: wow why are you even here. Deadass.
by Morosecode December 29, 2016
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Known as fucking five Indian chicks in one act of orgying, no one has ever done it that I know of but I would love to hear about it.
If I ever had a quinnipiac before I die that would complete my list.
by niggaboy May 9, 2006
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Quinnipiac University is amazing. It has the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen (and I am a Harvard graduate). The view of Sleeping Giant Mountain leaves me in awe. The students are smart, good-looking, and fun. I will be entering into the nationally ranked physician-assistant program (#7) this summer. And I am already a Bobcat ice hockey fan!
by Aimee Marie March 22, 2008
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An outstanding university in Connecticut (second only to Yale). Quinnipiac students are intelligent, athletic, good looking, and rich. The campus is gorgeous. The library kicks ass. A Quinnipiac education will enable you to have a successful life.
Fairfield/Wesleyan Student: Our girls are ugly and I am failing philosophy 101.
Quinnipiac Student: That's too bad. I met Miss Connecticut at Quinnipiac University. We are in love and plan to marry after I graduate from law school in the spring.
by Matthew I. January 14, 2007
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(N) A girl from Quinnipiac University who blacks out on the shuttle ride back to campus. These girls have been known to puke, piss, fall, and/or throw themselves at anything with a dick in front of everyone on the bus.
1. I dont believe that Quinnipiac slobcat on the way home puked on you right after we hooked up.

2. Wow I am so happy I didnt go back to that Quinnipiac slobcat's den.
by slobcat slayer February 17, 2009
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a place where all the hott long island and jersey girls go to with the exception of some beat ones from massachusetts.
by JAKH August 13, 2006
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