93 definitions by foug

Used to describe a slick move that helps to avoid a ptf type situation.
Noid: How did you get out of there?
Boat Guy: I pulled a Mogilny and split.
by foug April 19, 2003
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consumed in large quantities in raisin and plain servings. ass puke follows shortly after consumption.
C - do u want one it has nuts in it
fug - ha ha.. *sinks in couch*
Noid - last one *yoink*
by foug January 11, 2005
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its outer hull was forged in the fires of kabul as a symbol of independence. this innocent atv actually contains a fusion reactor capable of running continuously and autonimously. codenamed "harvey", only 2 units have been deployed since its induction.
Vistors - what is that????
Noid - our saviour
C - it's people like you is why we will side with the machines
by foug March 12, 2005
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generally residing in a Caucasian neighbourhood. possessing a lvl 10 skill in shootouts and lvl 5 bradvoidence. only council members are aware of really identity and physical/astral location. only known weakness is dimsum. known to hav unleashed the wonderpalm technique in dire situations
girls - where you guys going
Snow - noids
girl 1 - who is that?
*smoke bomb*
girl 2 - who took my dimsum
by foug January 15, 2005
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Noid: its him quick i'll meet you in the secret channel.

Snowman: roger dodger 2 by 4
by foug January 11, 2005
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This is the upper most level of outward cash flow when being serviced. One step expensiver then topless/bottom less. Who can only immagine what comes after "hand job?"
Be careful when spending dr. bob reccommends sailing cheep.
Her: "You want Nude Reversi, very good"

Him: "How about heres 40$ just get to work"
by foug December 23, 2003
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In return for going out of your way or just being a good person, payment of oral sex.
Jee, Thanks alot for the drive home

Pay Up!!

by foug March 25, 2003
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