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Code word drivived from ptf. Similar in meaning, can be used in different senarios
What the hell is that? Ham Sandwitch
by foug March 25, 2003
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Defecating onto a piece of plastic wrap held snugly above your lover's face. This provides the view similar to a glass bottomed boat. See also: bradar
Hi lover...you want me to crap on your face? or would you like a glass-bottomed boat today instead? I am feeling dirty...rrrrrr.
by foug December 16, 2003
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Piper 1: Man that was a long flight!
C-Dawg: brb washroom break...
5 min later
Piper 2: Where is Sogilny?
by foug March 21, 2004
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A couple that continuosly touches/caresses/strokes each other in a public display of over-affection
Jon: Who is coming over tonight?
Joe: Oh the usual, the guys and the petting zoo.
Jon: Wonderful
by foug March 24, 2003
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Whether its for dry skin or cuts or you just need a little slick, tube of lube comes in all sizes, right now econo size for the same price!
John: Man my hands are dry from this winter air.
Ed: Maybe you should get some hand cream for that...
Foug: Want some tube of lube?
by foug September 3, 2003
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although not hidden is often missed by the average joseph, Entry to the hall undergoes intense scrutiny by a select few. Hall of Fame has been damaged in several falls to the ground often occuring in visitational rights revoked. in order to alienate visitor even more, another game? is put in effect where members leave visitor in bathroom to ponder what they just said...
Foug - ha ha *bang*
C - *stares*
noiD - aNother gAme?
by foug January 16, 2005
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When you got those awful stomach pains often brought on by hunger, contraban intake, or bad hot food. Its the most horrific feeling one can have, like eating wiped ass.
Snowman: Arena Pizza
Yonoid: No way the food there gives gut roti
by foug April 3, 2003
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