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Used to describe a slick move that helps to avoid a ptf type situation.
Noid: How did you get out of there?
Boat Guy: I pulled a Mogilny and split.
by foug April 19, 2003
overused phrase that is better left unsaid for the betterment of the group. often used in situations that are not deemed necessary. unwarranted use is often dealt with severly followed by pay up!
*earlier in bar*
Sara - nice to see you , sorry ed
*later in car*
Noid - I can't drive
Sara - I can drive
*repeat line above 3 times followed by 5 minutes of silence
by foug January 12, 2005
1) Being the big man.
2) An elaborate attempt to create a dazzling display of evasion and tactics taking up a great deal of time and effort (for both the on-looker and performer) only to end in utter and complete failure. Painful to watch in many cases.
Hiding out at a safe-house with a future-girlfriend only to be busted by your then current-girlfriend in a humilating scene in front of friends and onlookers.

Meg: Can I speak with you outside
Kev: he pulled a Joesph
Ed: Too fancy
C: anyone for orange juice?
Joe: sorry ed.
by foug January 18, 2005
consumed in large quantities in raisin and plain servings. ass puke follows shortly after consumption.
C - do u want one it has nuts in it
fug - ha ha.. *sinks in couch*
Noid - last one *yoink*
by foug January 12, 2005
When you go from one life style to a lesser one. When you lose something you had, or just ptfed.
Noid: Where do I sleep?
Sis: On the floor matress in the cats room
by foug June 19, 2003
common in badly dubbed martial arts movie. used in social settings initially at the greeting but also during commercial breaks at awkward silences to rescue the group from random foug facts
A - *sitting alone*
intermission room door opens
C - waaa
guest - gets up off of tub edge and stands in demoted area
by foug January 13, 2005
When your just on your way, not just a travel destination but just anywhere.
When something is just going your way!
by foug March 29, 2003