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When you come off of opioids and all the constipation they brought goes away resulting in you shitting your brain out.
Example 1:
A few days into detox I took a massive dope shit.

Example 2:

I havent had kratom in two days, I took four dope shits today.
by danasp_42 October 25, 2018

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Slang for the opioid based drug/plant mitragyna speciosa AKA kratom. It gets its nickname from the smell of the ground powder that smells just like a llama. It produces short euphoric highs and is legal in most states.
Example 1:
Dan: Hey do you want any kratom?
Nate: No that smells like a petting zoo.
Dan: More for me I guess

Example 2:
I havent shit in over a week because I take an ounce of petting zoo every day.
by danasp_42 October 06, 2018

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A state of drunkenness. When you drink enough to become very sexy and attractive in your own eyes.
Example 1:
Peter: “What time do you get off? Me and the guys were hoping you could buy us some more beer.”
Brian: “You cant be serious.”
Peter: “Its a little bit serious. I havent been drunk in a day and I’m not feeling particularly handsome.”

Example 2: Me and my friends got blackout handsome last night.
by danasp_42 October 09, 2018

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Midwest slang for orange juice containing the drug propylhexedrine aka Benzedrex. The drug can be bought over the counter in the form of a nasal inhaler normally used for allergies. If you break the inhaler and take out the cotton inside and soak it in orange juice or any acidic beverage for 24 hours the active ingredient (propyl) is extracted. Propyl has similar effects to amphetamine and methamphetamine and induces a state of intense focus and euphoria. It is also horrible for your vascular system and causes severe vasoconstriction.

In simple terms you will go sicko mode and probably will end up on meth if you weren’t already when you took the Jesus Juice. It’s called Jesus Juice because it makes you feel like Jesus and it will bring you back from the dead.
Me: Hey bro do you want some speed laced orange juice?

Homie: Oh, shit did you put your Vyvanse into OJ?

Me: Nah I ran out like a week ago, this is Jesus Juice! It feels just as good if not better. You can feel your brain cells dying so it must be good.
by danasp_42 December 27, 2019

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Kratom. It is a plant that is sold in most head shops and gives a high similar (but much weaker) than opiates. You can’t overdose on it but it can be addictive.
Friend one: Hey do you have any Perc 30’s left?
Friend two: Naw, I’m on that hippie heroin
by danasp_42 September 07, 2019

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Slang for white girl, blow, coke, nose candy, booger sugar, snow, slope, bump fish scale or as it’s colloquially known as: Cocaine.

It kinda sounds like cocaine and La Cucaracha is a Spanish word so well, you know.

You’ll feel confident and great for about an hour and then crave more. Makes your face go numb and makes you feel like you are dying, yet around 2 million people still use La Cucaracha.
Steve: Wow you are talking fast! What are you on??

Me: La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha! Ya no puede caminar!
by danasp_42 February 03, 2021

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Your plug’s plug. One step up the ladder from the dude who charges 280 for an oz and is always late.

The grandplug usually deals with larger amounts than a street dealer and usually sells to the person that you or I buy from. They usually pick up pounds(weed), sheets (acid) and 8-balls (coke or Molly) and sell zips, strips and grams.

Being a grandplug has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage would be that you sell to a small number of street dealers, instead of the consumer of the product. This means being more stealthy as well as less people to snitch on you. A disadvantage would be that if you do end up getting caught, you will get in a lot more trouble than a user or street level dealer. Getting caught with a half oz of coke or Molly and two pounds of weed is a lot more serious than getting caught with a few pills and an oz or two.

The grandplug usually has people come to his place to get the drugs.

A great grandplug is someone who deals in pounds, usually a cartel guy.
Brady: These edibles are fucking fire! You said your plug made them?

Dan: No my plug didn’t make them but my grandplug did!

Sketchy customer: Hey man, I know that I usually only buy a couple points of MDMA at a time, but is there any way you could hook up a half a z?
Street plug: Hell naw! I don’t even think my grandplug picks up that much at a time!
by danasp_42 February 03, 2021

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