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A verb originating from the small world phenomenon. Normally six degrees of separation are said to connect everybody, but one only needs to go about three degrees to connect the residents of Perth, Western Australia (remotest mainland city in the world) to each other. Usually the residents are quite surprised when they discover that .
"My head's still spinning from being Perthed again this weekend!"

"Wow, my parents' neighbour is the hospital, in the bed next to my wife. What a Perthing!"
(ie, the chain is wife-speaker-parents-neighbour)
by Ryan April 26, 2005
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Getting poor value or having an experience that is of lower quality/standard than you would expect in a metropolitan city.
Taylah: How'd ya dinner go at tha Atrium mate?

Axel: Got Perthed brah. Food geddin worse ev'ry time I go. Imma beached as...
by sispec warrior November 03, 2013
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