Taylah is strong and tough in really knows who she is if you're in our way you're in a whole heap of trouble taylah is a so loving to family friends and others she's very loving even know if you get on her bad side she'll get really mad at you she's very loving but some boys don't see that but she loves herself and every way sometimes you just gotta be yourself don't worry about what boys think about you don't worry what other people think about you you know who you are who you truly are
Taylah stay true to yourself because you are the most amazing girl or boy in the world you are beautiful
by Red Warrior 21 December 14, 2017
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A girl that is supernatural, the word amazing fails to fully describe her greatness. She isnt beautiful, she is beyond it, her pretty face brightens everyones day. With a body to die for, she leaves the boys speechless, unable to breathe! She is loved by many, but only truly loved by one. She may never fully understand this, but she is an angel sent from heaven. A goddess of the universe. An indescribable soul.
I wish all girls we're just like Taylah
by Hciruet Emearg Yeldarb August 12, 2011
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Someone who never changes and stays true to who they are. Taylahs are beautiful people and often crave attention from people they love. People who fall in love with Taylahs are often due for one hell of a ride.
I realised then and there that she was a Taylah - always beautifully unique and always having attachment issues.
by _december.rain_ December 20, 2016
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Someone who is super awesome in everything he/she does. Somebody who doesn't give a shit and is wiling to have a go. Somebody with superpowers that will kick your but.
Omg look at the Taylah, they're so awesome, i wanna grow up to be a Taylah.
by taylorbaby June 29, 2008
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Taylah’s are kind and creative but if your in there way they can easily kick the shit out of you. Taylah’s are kind and creative, loyal and highly protective. Taylah’s don’t backdown they will kick-ass if they need to, they are smart and have a tendency to be well, a Taylah.
Hi Taylah!
by CoolEMBERS2574 May 22, 2019
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the most amazing person in the world. she is a beautiful person inside and out. likes to have a laugh and is bloody stunning. She's trustworthy, friendly and caring. She's also a fat cow who likes to chill in her crib! if you have a taylah, treat her well, she's tooo amazing to lose.
Taylah Martin
by thefattone August 30, 2010
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All Taylah's have a demon buddy. The demon, Skinny Legend typically has a rlly solid friendship with said Tay. Skinny Legend drags her down the stairs? Big funny. Tay's bestfriend also happens to be married to said demon. It was an alleged forced marriage. Skinny Legend's demon parents are now trapped in a fridge. Every Taylah has a Skinny Legend buddy. If a Taylah denies it, she's possessed. And no, she does NOT have schizophrenia. Oh and if supposed Taylah has a pet, Skinny Legend might posses it.
"Oh no guys! A tall skinny woman demon ran at me in a hallway and is now proceeding to drag me down stairs, push things off of my desk, give me sleep paralysis and much more!!"
"Shut the fuck up Tay, you're delusional"
If a Taylah you know has a Skinny Legend, well that's just lovely.
by skittlewaggler November 9, 2022
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