Something that is absolutely perfect. A response that is perf should make the recipient so sure of themselves that they break out in dance and song. It’s always amazing someone says that a plan or even an outfit is perf than you should know that you got that shit done and done well.
Tom: Ahhhhhhhh your outfit is perf.

Paula: Really? Do you wanna make out?
by WeatherForcast March 27, 2022
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being as cool as can be
look at James and Lauren. they are so perf
by sineeeeed November 3, 2012
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Literally: Perfect: excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement, exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose. For those too lazy to say the word in its entirety.
"How about we meet at 12:00?"

by nb062284 March 12, 2009
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(purf). Vulgar.

1.a flatus expelled through the anus whilst on one's period. irritating or foolish person covered in blood

-verb: expel a flatus through the anus during the menstrual cycle (break blood). Can be disgustingly audible like slapping a raw porterhouse steak against a slab of concrete. waste time during the menstrual cycle usually by hibernating or binging.
The other day while me and Becky were at the Wahl-mart, Becky had the most epic perf we had to leave the store because they banned us, and I was like say wha?

That faggle is being such a perf!

Rhonda perfed the other day in line at the McDonalds poor girl... everyone knows you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day.

I was perfing around the pantry the other day and wore myself out so I decided to take a three-day nap.
by whopigsoey January 11, 2011
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Someone who is twerkalicious, sexy, unbearable, perfect and perfalicious.
"OMG Elaine so perf. It's just so unbearable!"
by ThisIsSuchATrueDef February 5, 2013
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A shortening of the word "Perfect" used in conversations by douche bags who feel their time is too valuable to just pronounce the word in it's entirety.
Tri Delt A - "We're going to pick up the boys around 7, take pictures, and head to the fratty fridays party from there."
Tri Delt B - "Perf!"
by BigTex75025 September 17, 2009
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Short form of "Perferated bowel".
Evan: Wow, that's just perf.
Josh: Perferated bowel?
Evan: Yes.
by Casement March 4, 2011
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