A celebratory or happy term used by northern British boys, especially those from Yorkshire
Boy one- anyone got a cig
Boy two-me
Boy one-up the boys
by Big Yorkshire Russ January 26, 2020
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a man with some unconventional quality and stylish flair, who also conveys a slightly erotic presence.
"look at that quirked up white boy, he's busting it down sexual style!"
"with or without the sauce?!"
"WITH!!!! obviously!"
by Bubbiel April 12, 2022
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A person that robs drug dealers for a living. Someone who puts a gun to a drug dealer head and demands that he hand his stash and/or cash over.
Hoodrat#1:Yo! you heard about Omar robbin' Avon's men the other day?

Hoodrat#2: Omar who?

Hoodrat#1: That faggot ass stick-up boy!
by GavinRC November 3, 2013
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A "rocker" or a "ton up boy" was an adolescent member of 1950s British biker subculture.
"The Ace cafe was a popular hang-out for the ton-up boys."
by Wbane October 29, 2013
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Boy who you date if your crush wont go out with in a matter of time and you pick a guy to date as a back up for ur crush
Jonny u are my back up boy
by Jdisjdided December 27, 2016
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A group of Suburbian wanna-be rappers that try to keep their rap game on point but really have no talent, looks, or bitches. Big Up Boys are basically raps version of the kid in grade school who ate lunch at his own table because he has no friends.
Example 1:
You: damn man, you hear the big up boys released another album?
me: na man, how the f*ck would i have heard that, they suck!
you: true, i thought maybe you listened to shitty music.
me: na man, not that shitty.

Example 2:
Me: damn, i heard the new Big up Boys music...
You: yea, was it as shitty as last time?
me: f*ck no, way worse.
you: figured

Example 3:
Me: you listen to that new big up boys LP?
Everyone: nope- been addicted to the Gdubs and Cell Phone Rappers, their sh*t is fire.
by Tha White $nappa January 17, 2014
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The phrase “ready up boys” was a phrase used partucally fron 2017-2019 when the game called fortnite was growing in popularity.

Fortnite slowly died and all the 12 year olds converted to playing with their willies or playing nba2k.

Both gaming communities get absolutely no pussy and play all day until they are as wet as their mom on a Tuesday ashen their stepdad who beats them comes around.

Wowready up boys” before my step dad comes
by Bigoldad November 27, 2021
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